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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - PS4Neo + XBScorpio ... Is NX Screwed?

Nautilus said:
I personally think that the scorpio and PS4 Neo will actually backfire on them.I mean, it wont necesserally causa the PS4 or XOne to lose sales, but these new "itinerations" either wont sell well because they will be more expensive, people will already have a PS4/XOne and/or will just buy the cheapest version.Plus all the potential problems about performance on the simpler models being sacrificed.In another words, I think there is alot of room for error.

As long as Nintendo play their cards right, such as having a great first party lineup, having a good hardware, getting (at least) some third party on board and so on, Nintendo will do just fine.

I guess these new iterations will alienate their fanbase. People will be confused, as for developpers who will now need to develop on significantly much more powerful hardware. Then, we don't know anything about the games that will be released because I can already guess that every Xbox game will be on PC too so there would be almost no need for PC gamers to invest into an Xbox even if it's powerful.

Then, the price. We heard the PS4 Neo will maybe priced at 400 $ and Scorpio .... expect it to be at least 500 $. I don't think a gigantic mass of people will be willing to pay a price like this.

Finally the games, PS4 Neo will get a lot of support for VR games but the public needs to be there or it's going to flop hard. Scorpio,as the Xbone, won't get much 1st party games I think exdept for Halo,Forza,Gears of War ( or maybe, but I doubt it ). So people won't see much appeal to buy this console again.

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I think some people will (rightfully) grumble about Neo and Scorpio, but really in the long term all they will do is help Sony/MS by locking more people into their ecosystems.

It's going to be about ecosystems now, not just specific hardware as a poster mentioned earlier in the thread.

It might be doomed. Nintendo better has a damn good marketing, wii-like plan.

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i dont think so, the NX will be defeniatley cheaper and will play all handheld games as well

Ruler said:
i dont think so, the NX will be defeniatley cheaper and will play all handheld games as well

Are people really going to buy a home console to play handheld games though? I think they'd just buy the ... handheld. 

Cheap might be a benefit the problem is though Neo/Scorpio almost certainly push the existing XB1/PS4 into the "cheap" price category too. 

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Soundwave said:

The thing is it wouldn't surprise me if Nintendo was hoping to do this with the NX but it looks like Sony is beating them to the punch entirely and MS is thinking the same thing too. 

So it kinda leaves Nintendo now in a very awkward position. 

I was thinking exactly the same.

I think Nintendo had planned to release the NX in 2017and then release an enhanced NX by 2020 to try and reach parity with the PS5 and neXtBox, if not they'd be left with another Wii and Wii U.

But now it seems that both Sony and MS beat them to it, and apparently this is now the business model their consoles will have; one of incremental upgrades while being able to play the same games as the lesser device. 

So in 2017 are we in reality going in to a new generation?

are the second generation of Xbox 1 and PS4 really going to have the same games as the first generation?

Soundwave said:
COKTOE said:
Nintendo was already in trouble. These iterative may worsen said trouble for them, but really, if the old model were to still be followed, the new Sony and MS systems would have been released not too long after the "NX" anyways, and you can bet both Sony and MS would have more info out on their forthcoming systems around the NX launch.

Well I think if you told me all this 8 months ago ... PS4 Neo would be a surprise. XB Scorpio not so much, but Sony, the market leader also making an iterative console and something that's a fairly large jump to 4 TFLOP. 

Dunno. I wonder if Nintendo saw that coming or are feeling a little blindsighted right now. 

That's a good question sir, and I'd like to know the answer. I certainly don't subscribe to the idea that Nintendo themselves don't see Sony and MS as competetors (even though they have stated as much), nor believe that Nintendo "doesn't care" what their competition is doing, or when they're doing it. 

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If they price it well and have some good exclusives they might stand a chance. They may have even delayed it to bump the specs some due to the Neo and Scorpio rumors, all leaks pointed to a 2016 release then they announced March 2017 suggesting a delay.

You seem to be under the assumption that Nintendo was ever in competition with Sony and Microsoft. Neo and Scorpion will have zero effect on NX sales.

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