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spemanig said:
Soundwave said:

No one is Apple. I wish people would just stop with this analogy, there is no Apple of anything, Apple is Apple, they are a unique situation.

If Nintendo was even 1/10th of Apple the Wii U and 3DS would be selling far, far better (or probably never would've been made in the first place). 

Even Apple is largely just coasting off what Steven Jobs set into motion 10+ years ago, they succeed now because of their iconic fashion-brand status (particularily with fashion concious women) and extremely high end pricing. They are not a "toy/kids" brand association that Nintendo has. 

Apple wasn't always post-iPhone Apple. Nintendo is pre-iPhone Apple right now. When NX comes out, they'll be post-iPhone Apple.

Mixed with Disney. And they'll coast off of that for 10+ years, just like Apple.

So Sony is Apple right now coming from last gen, and you think  Nintendo can be hypothetically in the same situation as Sony in a few years.

And no Blackberry was not on top before iPhone, Nokia was. Pre-iPhone Apple was still a juggernaut with iTunes and iPod.

Nintendo is more like post-iPhone Nokia/Blackberry. Out of fashion, trying to reinvent itself but ultimately just too little too late.