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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is Activision White Washing the Call of Duty 4 Remastered Box Art?

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which cover looks better?

old one 5 35.71%
new one 9 64.29%




I like the original cover so much better. One aspect is also the character, the original  character looks like a black guy but if you look closer he can look like anything: Black, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Indian, Aboriginy, White, Mixed. I think it was a so much better designed cover and it was more about the player what he wanted to see in it.

With the new cover they clearly gave the dude shapes that can only be from a Caucasian male. 


Listen i am not the SJW type person, its the complete opposite actually. I think changing the Ghost Buster cast into an all female cast is also stupid with the new film. I am more anti change, dont fix something that worked. The original cover was brilliant, the new one is garbage. Another reason i wont pay 70€ just to play an old game which is avaible for 10€ and has  a better cover.

I am looking forward to what they are going to change in the multiplayer, i except it for the total worse.


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lo seriously? He doesn't look black either.

Both are crap, but ya the new one is worse


Edit: All that race stuff you wrote is ridiculous 

This is an american company/american game, so by default it was always a white guy unless that character has been introduced as from a different nationality.

The guy doesnt even look full white in the new cover. Could easily be Hispanic or southern European heritage as well.

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The covers don't look that different, to be honest.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I think he's mulatto.

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Angelus said:

Both are crap, but ya the new one is worse


Edit: All that race stuff you wrote is ridiculous 


Even worse, it looks like they changed from a spruce on the original to an oak on the remaster. That's so typical.

PS3 : he looks black
PS4 : he looks hispanic/white

The PS3 cover is soo blurry though... I think the newer version looks better.

Not because of race, but simply because the image is sharper.