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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is Activision White Washing the Call of Duty 4 Remastered Box Art?

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which cover looks better?

old one 5 35.71%
new one 9 64.29%
shikamaru317 said:
New cover is better because the image is sharper.

i updated the cover its sharper now 

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Seriously, though, I'm not getting this.  Why can't the remastered cover be a black guy?  What criteria is being used in that evaluation?  I don't understand that part.

so digging deeper in the internet there was quite history behind the original cover. The cover was actually chosen by the fans in a contest made by Activision where people could choose between 5 different covers.


and like i was speculating the people actually realy liked this cover more where less can be seen including the race of the character. Activision is really shi**ing on its own fans for changing the cover. This makes it even worse

This is what you call manufactured drama. There is zero reason why the picture couldn't be of a black or Hispanic guy.

Regardless, most people will never give the cover a second glance after they open it.

Why do people who scream racism the most care so much a person's skin color? Isn't it irrelevant what skin color someone has?

I think both covers are pretty boring and unimaginative.

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Can we all admit that the Battlefield 1 cover at least looks better if more inspired? Not even just because its a black guy but because it just looks more epic?

In other words, there is no way a guy of any race could have saved the Black Ops cover... It is super dull.

I'm sorry, but quite honestly, I think you are overanalyzing this like crazy.

The fact that you're trying to bring race into the discussion just because the covers use different colors is just blowing things out of proportion, and you are just implying things that come off as racist as a result.

I don't think continuing this discussion will bring any good, locking.

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