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Which one?

Mystery of the Emblem 2 1.04%
Genealogy of the Holy War 4 2.08%
Thracia 776 4 2.08%
Binding Blade 5 2.60%
Blazing Sword(Fire Emblem) 17 8.85%
Sacred Stones 13 6.77%
Path of Radiance 31 16.15%
Radiant Dawn 36 18.75%
Awakening 55 28.65%
Fates 25 13.02%

I like path of radiance alot but radiant dawn was the perfect sequal.

I recently finished awakening. It wasn't bad, but i didnt enjoy the openendedness. I like Fire emblem for beeing story oriented. Awakening and i guess fates added grinding aspects to it that i don't enjoy that much and the story development seemed to have suffered from it. So, every fire emblem before awakening i consider better because its more story driven. The characters simply come out better developed throughout the story. Awakening clearly rushed story elements and story development in favor of gameplay elements wich added more boredom than enjoyment.

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Blazing Sword will forever have a special place in my heart. It was my first Fire Emblem, it was long, had an intriguing storyline and enjoyable segments and difficulty spikes; three different campaings (even if Lyndis work as a tutorial, it's still seven chapters plus a secret mission!), a fairly memorable cast (Sain, Hector and Marcus are <3), a good amount of replayability and a lot of experimentation in the battlefield that opened up to a lot of strategy and deep planning. Sure it seems kind of archaic nowadays, but I still consider it the best. It's easy to pick up and start playing, getting lost in it and loving every second of it.

Sacred Stones, Shadow Dragon and Awakening feel worse to me (even if the later is a damn fine game, don't get me wrong). Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn are brilliant in their own way as well. Haven't played Fates, nor any other Fire Emblem aside from those I've mentioned so far.

Hmm, from the ones I've played (all North American releases except the new trio-set)

1. Path of Radiance
2. Radiant Dawn
3. Awakening (shit story, good characters, infinite side missions)
4. Sacred stones (you could level your dudes!)
5. Fire Emblem (first U.S. release, solid game but only got buried by the superiority of later installment)
6. Shadow Dragon (OK game, terrible in the series).

My personal favorite is Path of Radiance. It was a title I played as a kid and loved every moment of it. It had great characters, fun gameplay, great villains, good music, and the best lord in the whole series. This game is just excellence. Radiant Dawn follows behind, as it's just a massive sequel to PoR, but I think goes a bit far on difficulty and is a veery long game. It's not one I can recommend to people, unless they're FE veterans. Still very excellent, with a very underappreciated Lord, Micaiah.

Here's my list for reference.

1. Path of Radiance
2. Radiant Dawn
3. Blazing Sword
4. Fire Emblem Fates (not splitting yet)
5. Awakening
6. Sacred Stones
7. Binding Blade



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Blazing Sword for me.
Lyn is the best!


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Radiant Dawn by far. The OST in the game is godly and the story is amazing. The only thing I hate about the game is lack of post game content and the fact they really severed the potential of the Dawn Brigade. The only way to get them useful is to boss absue them, which I don't mind since they are my favorite team, but it still sucks.

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Out of the ones that i have played (the ones that were released in the west), Radiant Dawn is my favorite closely followed by Path of Radiance. Reason are basically the really good story and characters. I also think that the gameplay is the best of the series (of the games that i have played).

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I find there isn't enough love for Genealogy of the Holy War in the poll.

Ranking the games that I have played:

1. Binding Blade (Superb gameplay and story. If the game were released in the west I'm sure I wouldn't be the first person to vote for it in the poll.)

2. Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Tsurugi/Shadow Dragon (As expected from a title this old, you have to do some outside research to delve into the story. Still, the game offers some of the most interesting gameplay as you are often forced to choose between characters of greatly varying potential, while growths in general are both less common and less essential. Until you try out the harder modes.)

3. Sacred Stones (Good balance between story and gameplay. One shortcoming would be that pretty much all characters have balanced growths, meaning that less strategy is required to complete the game. Especially if you make use of the Tower of Valni.)

4. Blazing Sword (Eliwood's/Hector's story pulls it down a bit. Not a big fan of the whole morph/Nergal plot in general. The gameplay is really good though, edging out Sacred Stones.)

5. Awakening (Story is fine for the most part, but the gameplay is awful while the new art direction looks atrocious.)

6. Path of Radiance (Falls short in pretty much every regard except for art design. Even the battles themselves look awkward and clunky, while disabling the battle animations would only further the dullness that this game represents.)

Game that I look forward to experiencing the most down the line: Genealogy of the Holy War.

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I'd go with The Sacred Stones because Seth was such a bad ass.

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