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Which one?

Mystery of the Emblem 2 1.04%
Genealogy of the Holy War 4 2.08%
Thracia 776 4 2.08%
Binding Blade 5 2.60%
Blazing Sword(Fire Emblem) 17 8.85%
Sacred Stones 13 6.77%
Path of Radiance 31 16.15%
Radiant Dawn 36 18.75%
Awakening 55 28.65%
Fates 25 13.02%
Arminillo said:
Faelco said:


Wait, what? If you think you absolutely *must* use the usual initially advanced character like Titania/Sothe/Frederick, then you're doing it wrong ^^. You have to use them from time to time yes, but you *must* use them as rarely as possible. 


Not sure about Path of Radiance, but in Radiant Dawn Jill is really not overpowered at the beginning (maybe in easy mode, but not even sure).


This thread made me launch a 4th run of Radiant Dawn, and after a few hours in, it just confirms my choice: that game is really in another league or even genre compared to the Waifu simulator 101 that is Awakening. 

That's exactly what i mean, my sarcasm didn't make the jump to text i guess. A unit can't break a Fire Emblem game since the only unit you have to use is the MC.


I had some doubts about your post being sarcastic, but I'm pretty sure the user you responded to was serious about "overpowered characters", so I answered to both just to be sure ^^.