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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which is the best Fire Emblem game?


Which one?

Mystery of the Emblem 2 1.04%
Genealogy of the Holy War 4 2.08%
Thracia 776 4 2.08%
Binding Blade 5 2.60%
Blazing Sword(Fire Emblem) 17 8.85%
Sacred Stones 13 6.77%
Path of Radiance 31 16.15%
Radiant Dawn 36 18.75%
Awakening 55 28.65%
Fates 25 13.02%

Personally I think it's Radiant Dawn, but what is yours?


Excluded a few games from the poll so I could fit all of them. Namely Shadow Dragon and Gaiden, because they are the least popular among the fanbase.

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I'm old school. I played Fates, Awakening, Radiant Dawn, Radiance, and partway through Thracia 776. But I prefer the Mystery of the Emblem on SNES. I just like the simpler games for some reason.

Path of Radiance

Well for me it has to be #7 fire emblem for GBA. Sacred swords wasn't as good although i did like the optional side battles it offered. got to chapter 21 or so and couldn't beat fire emblem 6 Binding blade, but still a great game. Fire emblem for the 3ds "Awakening" was good i loved the amount of content and the relationship choices. At the end of the day though the storyline didn't quite hold up for me. I want to play the gamecube FE's but they are hard to find and expensive.

Path of Radiance for me, also one of my favorite games ever.

RD was a great follow-up, and tied up all the loose ends well, but it had some pacing and narrative issues that kinda bugged me when I look at both as a whole. I was also annoyed at some of the prerequisites needed for key story elements..though it's certainly not a unique complaint for Radiant Dawn. I found Path of Radiance really benefited from following one character's story arc, rather than jumping around several.

For reference my FE ranking is below, if anyone is curious how much our opinion overlaps:

1.) Path of Radiance
2.) Blazing Sword
3.) Radiant Dawn
4.) Fates: Conquest
5.) Sacred Stones
6.) Awakening
7.) Shadow Dragon

Still need to play through the other Fates games...and eventually I'd like to play some fan-translations of the others. Haven't gotten around to it though.

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My favorite is Radiant Dawn. If I ranked the ones I have played it would be,

1. Radiant Dawn

2. Blazing Sword

3. Awakening

4. Sacred Stones

5. Path of Radiance

6. Binding Blade

7. Fates Revelations

8. Fates Conquest

9. Shadow Dragon

10. Fates Birthright

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Path of radiance. Third person to say this but only 1 vote so far. Weird.

I'll say Radiant Dawn just cause of what it did... however I did like Lyn in Dis a lot as well... its really a toss up between those 2 for me.

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Haven't completed PoR, and haven't played 1-5, RD and Fates

Favourite by far is Awakening

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tbone51 said:
Path of Radiance

Gourmet said:
Path of radiance. Third person to say this but only 1 vote so far. Weird.

Oops I forgot. I never really vote in these polls.

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