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Forums - General Discussion - What Country are you from?

SvennoJ said:

Just make sure you have enough locks for your bike :)

Here I don't bother locking my bike and never have trouble finding a spot to put it or find it again. Now where did I park today

But it was awesome I could easily cycle to the sea and along the beach. The ocean is quite far away from where I live currently.

Yes, I'm always keeping my bike well locked. But I'm not using a double lock. The rental bikes usually have it.

It's really hard to find where I parked it sometimes. It took a good 10 minutes once when I left it close to a bridge and couldn't find it since there were soooo many bikes in that area when I returned. One day I forgot to annotate the parking spot number on the train station. I'm still surprised that I managed to find it.

It's also funny how the ridiculously strong wind always seem to drop bikes like dominoes.

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Norway, apparently Trump wants more Norwegian immigrants, even though nobody wants to move from Norway to the US ;P

Predicted 15+ million lifetime-sales for God of War:

Australia- only country in the world that eats its national symbols/animal on the coat of arms. (kangaroo and emu)

my country is... not important

Argentina, in south America, and we don't speak Spanish, we speak Castellano. We say vos sos instead of tu eres, Verb conjugation is different, and we don't use vosotros.

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You killed me when I was 2 years old XD

Honduras, Central America, a country that wants to move its main airport (capital) to a city 70 miles away (about 1:30-2 hours driving plus a $1-2 toll tax).

I'm from my beautiful country, Chile :)