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SvennoJ said:

Just make sure you have enough locks for your bike :)

Here I don't bother locking my bike and never have trouble finding a spot to put it or find it again. Now where did I park today

But it was awesome I could easily cycle to the sea and along the beach. The ocean is quite far away from where I live currently.

Yes, I'm always keeping my bike well locked. But I'm not using a double lock. The rental bikes usually have it.

It's really hard to find where I parked it sometimes. It took a good 10 minutes once when I left it close to a bridge and couldn't find it since there were soooo many bikes in that area when I returned. One day I forgot to annotate the parking spot number on the train station. I'm still surprised that I managed to find it.

It's also funny how the ridiculously strong wind always seem to drop bikes like dominoes.