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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS4 Approaching 2m Lead In The US

AEGRO said:
Next month is Uncharted 4 month.

The Gap will grow *A LOT* for sure.

below 150k for 100%
and below 100k is also highly likely

first party games don't set the world on fire this gen
its may, aka the second weakest sales month a year

the gap will not grow by *A LOT*
unless 50k is a lot for you

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GribbleGrunger said:

I haven't looked at the figures for a while but as of the 19th March they stand at:

PS4: 13,475,165
XB1: 11,749,987

3m by the end of May? I predicted 5m - 5.5m by the end of 2016. Is it possible?

This is one thing i miss seeing each region's console share, i think UK is where it's close by like 500k.

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