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No way they launch at that price

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On the listing it says rechargeable battery pack but battery pack normally means removable and the Switch has pretty much confirmed as having a non-replaceable battery.

This could be a bundle price, maybe the premium version with a few extras forcibly added because they have limited stock allocation and are expecting it sell well.

I think the basic pack has been pretty much confirmed to be £199 as there is a company taking pre-orders with a guaranteed price of £198.50.

I'm not buying it at that price. I didn't buy the WiiU at that price either, I waited and got the ZombiU pack for 240€ 15 months later.
I will not spend more than 250 with for a bundle with at least one game.

Argos are about as reliable for info as a random person at Walmart it's a place holder.

Oh wow, this thread hasn't seen much action for quite a while :P I hoped to see what rumours I've missed these past few weeks; I would like to see time in the order they were leaked and not by category like in the OP. Guess I'll have to try to sort out which of those rumours I've already read

EDIT: And know I find out that this thread hasn't been updated for quite some time :P

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Following yesterday's price rumor, today there's another one that comes from GameStop Italy, and it's not good either:

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Retro's game should be finished by the end of the year. That gives them a full three year development cycle. And then there ought to be a new Luigi's Mansion coming along, too. Rumors have been consistent about that one since 2015, though they've fallen off since the summer.

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I really, really hope that it is that expensive, since it raises chances for more features and longevity

if it's good, people will buy it anyway, just look at the Ps4...

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The spec is pretty much confirmed and they'd never get away with that price. Maybe they have requested placeholder pages have a artificially high price to make the big announcement on price better.

DanneSandin said:

Has this been discussed?
Seems like the price might be $249.99, according to several "leaks"

Not bad

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