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NX Rumor Round-Up

What's Up?  

I love NX Rumors as much as the next guy, but the sheer quantity is overwhelming for me.  I am going to create a little page for myself here that I'll slowly edit over time, just to organize it.

 if you want to help/join in, feel free.  just comment with a link to another thread and I'll add it too the top.  I'm probably going to sort the rumors by confirmed fake, sourced, and unsourced. it will be fun for me to see what ends up true. 

 8-8-16 Edit: adding confirmed games list


Confirmed Games


Splatoon ?enhanced port?

Mario Kart  ?enhanced port?



Nobunaga's Ambition 

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Just Dance 2017 - Just Dance 2017 Coming to NX - Ubisoft

Sonic 2017  - IGN

Dragon Quest X - IGN


Confirmed True

More News Coming in the fall - Nintendo

Just Dance 2017 Coming to NX - Ubisoft

Will not be Download Only - Gamestop / NeoGAF

Confirmed Fake

Reddit Controlled Leak - Reddit -  Youtube

NX AR, Wii u Mini - reddit, removed

NX to be Released in 2016, launch around July, targeting 20M sales in first year - digital times


NX about as powerful as PS4 NEO -

Beyond Good & Evil as exclusive Launch title - destructiod

Zelda Wii U on NX, Marketing Budgets and Releases for Non-NX systems - NeoGaf

NX "technically" more powerful than PS4, 3rd party support, good for indies - Gameranx - Indie Gamer Chick

NX has wireless HDMI, Haptic Control sticks, smooth Bluetooth integration - wccftech - link doesnt seem to work consistently, looking for better

Unvierified Dev AMA, Not compatible with wiiu /wii, Uses ARM, has 'achievement-like' system - reddit

NX shares info across many devices, Third party Games coming 2017, Don't trust early images - reddit - verified

AMD chip to be in unannounced gaming device(NX?) - kitguru

Macronix will be providing memory products for NX - nintendolife

Final Fantasy XV will be on NX before March 2017 -  player essence

Zelda wii u coming to NX, Voice acting, Female playable character - emily rodgers

"lots" of Wii u ports - emily rodgers

Wii U ports are Smash, Zelda, maybe Splatoon + Mario Maker, more powerful than PS4 -Verified NeoGaf

Wii U to ditch discs for catridges - IGN


NX will be called Nintendo Reach, uses catridges, linked os, Dual Hardcore/Casual Ad Campaign, Zelda+Mario at launch -4chan, links to imgur

example: my uncle works at nintendo...

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Wii U mini would be interesting, the gamepad could do with shrinking.

Do confirmed leaks count ?

Luke888 said:
Do confirmed leaks count ?

Yeah, this is the most solid leak I've seen regarding the NX, I think

I'm on Twitter @DanneSandin!

Furthermore, I think VGChartz should add a "Like"-button.

DanneSandin said:
Luke888 said:
Do confirmed leaks count ?

Yeah, this is the most solid leak I've seen regarding the NX, I think

Has he said anything about specs?

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Good idea. There are so many rumors and "leaks" that sometimes it's hard to follow them all.

Please excuse my bad English.

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Random_Matt said:
DanneSandin said:

Yeah, this is the most solid leak I've seen regarding the NX, I think

Has he said anything about specs?

nope, he speculated in some of the videos on his channel but he never claimed the specs were told to him by someone else...

I heard that the NX will cost less than the PS4 while being more powerful than the PS4K

It has 5-channel ddr5 RAM with 2tb ssd and a custom designed arm CPU cluster so powerful that it doesn't even need a GPU to play most games.

I know this because my cousin works at Nintendo and he brought one of their prototypes home one time to play with. It even has this super advanced external video card module that allows you to hook up any third party GPU to increase the NX's power (heck I even threw in a Nvidia Titan and it worked). This is mainly to enable a nifty feature Nintendo has code named "wiiPlay" , basically Nintendo is tired of no third party support and has decided to give them no choice. With wiiPlay you can insert any PS4, Xbox one, or PC game disc and the NX will dynamically recompile the binaries on the disc and you will be able to play it. So theoretically the NX can play most third and first party games from any modern platform (provided you have an appropriately powerful GPU inserted in the external GPU slot).


This is the believability of all current NX rumors/speculation/fantasies.

I could see a wii u mini. The wii got a mini version.

I actually haven't seen anyone post this one yet. It's one of the few that I have seen that seems legit, leaked from Indie Gamer Chick. She is connected with several Indie developers and has her finger on the pulse pretty closely. Apparently NX is "technically" more powerful than PS4. How? No one knows, it seems as though Nintendo might have something up their sleeves though : )

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