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Wright said:
hershel_layton said:

I don't know.

I searched furries in Deviantart and the results weren't pretty...

Not sure if I can trust furries ever again.


That's like saying you searched "hedgedog" in Deviantart and the results weren't pretty, therefore you won't trust hedgedoges ever again.

Pretty much.

Perhaps I just can't get myself to understand furries,but whatever. I know a lot of fandoms/groups which are far worse.


cough cough FNAF fandom cough



12/22/2016- Made a bet with Ganoncrotch that the first 6 months of 2017 will be worse than 2016. A poll will be made to determine the winner. Loser has to take a picture of them imitating their profile picture.

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Mr_No said:


Ewww, football!

Ha. You guys.

Have a free bump.

Miguel_Zorro said:
Ha. You guys.

Have a free bump.


Why not post something while you're at it?

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No secret that Zootopia is my current fave Disney movie:

Also some Isabelle love:

Love Mattrat's comics XD.

Here's something different, for a change:


I've seen so much cringe from people in fursuits, and that's really turning me off from the whole thing, buuuut...
Those suits are so freakin' beautiful. And obviously not all people who wear them are, eh, weird.

I want one!