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Forums - NSFW Discussion - FurryChartz - The Official VGC Furry Thread

Something video game related (thanks to Veknoid_Outcast for posting it on my wall )

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Here's a small quick contribution:






Zero Suit makes everything better

Here's some neat pics I found...

Furrified Hanzo (by IStanl)

Cute canine portrait by DOHS

Punky bull OC by Spookeedoo

I thought we said no less than three images per posts to make substancial contributions instead of simple posts? xP

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I didn't want to let the thread get too flooded, so I put a limit, but I can change it to around 6 to give people a bit more leeway. XD

From Vallhund, one of my favorite artists.

Alright guys, we gotta start the marketing phase. Let's create some banners and start promoting this thread in people's walls!

I'm crap when it comes to making my own banners, it;s why I just go with single gif images instead.

It's already in my sig, though admittedly in a pretty casual way