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My new livery in GT Sport. Took about 12 hours to make.

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final fantasy 13 holds up really well visually 

I made another livery in GT Sport

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God bless You.

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Just noticed the border when I added the first pic here. Great... not. I find it hard to believe I've been playing it like this on my TV the whole time. The black would have clearly shown up for a couple minutes after going back to full screen like it does with movies. I'll have to check my console settings as I've read but I know I set them properly long ago, so unless they changed during a system update or if GOW itself changes it, I dunno. Maybe it just effects the screenshots? Certainly takes away from the pics.

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I wouldn't mind some RE2 screenshots on PS4 Pro... ^^


Checked my screen settings in game and in the UI and everything is the way I left it. TV doesn't show the black border when playing, or when taking screenshots, so not sure why it adds the border, but I'm not exactly a fan.

Devil May Cry 5 on PS4 Pro

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Elite Dangerous: Horizons

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