Forums - General Discussion - When you are about to eat cereal what's the first thing you pour on the bowl, milk or cereal?

What do you lovely people at VGChartz do first?


BTW, a huge L for those who pour the milk before the cereal


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Does anyone actually ever pour milk first? O_o?'


sometimes I wish I did start with the milk... I usually notice I have no milk, right after Ive already poured alot of cereal.

Which I either then eat with just water, or dry.

Pouring the milk in first is an unpardonable sin and I will not stand for it.

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I put cereal first, and I use a very seldom amount of milk.

I prefer my cereal dry and crunchy.

Who the hell actually pours milk BEFORE cereal??? Do you pour cement before the water?

Why would I want to pour the milk first? That said, I haven't eaten cereal in years, but when I did, I always poured milk last.

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Cereal first

Cereal first because it makes sense

If you try to add cereal after you added the milk, you can easily spill and make a mess :/

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I haven't ate cereal in a long time. However, whenever I did, I'd always put cereal. I don't understand how anyone could put milk first.

I pour my boiled, hot water first, then my skim milk powder then my cereal and my milk biscuits.

I used to pour milk first then the cereal but later on cereal first then milk.

Now I only drink milk and dont eat cereal xD.


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