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Forums - Music Discussion - Ke$ha loses bid to void Sony contract over alleged rape

Between this and zoe quinn dropping her case it's been a bad day for female activists.

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curl-6 said:
atomicblue said:

Things like that hashtag bug me. So many court cases now feel like trial by social media, when in reality there are only two people who *truly* know what happened.

Whether most people choose to believe the accused or the victim (and I've seen plenty of instances of both) in cases like this, a lot of people make pat judgements as though they know exactly what happened, and they don't. It reveals some of the really ugly biases and preconceptions people can have about women, or men, or rape cases.

Yeah, I hate the lynch mob mentality that comes with such cases. The fact that just saying that on Facebook would probably get me attacked and harrassed by hoards of angry people calling me a "rape apologist" goes to show just how insane the whole thing is.

I believe rapists should be severely punished, in fact I think they currently get off too lightly in terms of sentencing, but apparently I'm pro-rape because I believe people should be proven guilty by evidence, not by allegation alone.

Yeah, exactly the same problem I have.

I've basically given up on discussing any subject like this on Facebook or most social media sites or forums because it's so hard to find people who can discuss it reasonably. Even here is pretty bad for that sort of thing most of the time, and while this thread seems to be faring better at the moment there are still a couple of ugly comments.

At the same time, it's tricky because I find myself wondering if some of the people who are deliberately unreasonable in discussing the subject do so because that deters other people from talking about it. For one reason or another, I'm sure there are people who would like to limit the amount of attention or discussion sexual violence gets, which is a problem in itself.

If there wasn't enough evidence why would she file a lawsuit?

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Well....... This won't look good on Sony.......

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Having heard a whole bunch of similar storys out of the show biz that turned out to be true, it wouldn't surprise me if evry single thing she alledges is true.
That's a pretty heavy thing to fabricate, just to get out of her contract. In any case I don't see how forcing her to work with him is going to do anyone any good in this situation.
With that said, the case was stacked against her, what with her lack of evidence and having sworn under oath that no rape occured. The judge didn't have much room there.

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Can't Sony just move her to a different record company that is still within Sony and just pay off Gottwald or is that too much money?

hershel_layton said:
mornelithe said:

Technically, if she were to nullify the contract, you are talking about millions.  It's not like she's a smalltime artist or anything.  The money she'd owe her manager would be substantial.

How many years left?

also, hasn't this been going on for a while? I recall seeing this months ago

I think I read somewhere that he has 6 albums left on her contract.

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mornelithe said:
Areym said:
If her music wasn't so trashy and if she didn't look like just a spoiled-brat mess, I would be inclined to believe her. Has Dr. Luke ever been accused of this kind of behavior before? That would at least give her some validity.

No offense, but how someone looks and what they do for work should have absolutely no bearing on justice being upheld for them.  This case simply lacks any evidence to support her allegations, and she really hurt herself by giving sworn testimony to the contrary.  If indeed she was threatened into silence, it's abhorrent, and a terrible thing, but so is convicting an innocent individual.

I personally don't care for her music either, but that has absolutely nothing to do with what I've said thus far in this thread.  A crime doesn't become less severe because the victim creates music you don't appreciate.  This is where the term 'Justice is Blind' or 'Blind Justice' comes from.  It refers to impartiality, and the absence of bias. 

None taken. I'm just saying that her general music persona contribute to me thinking that she is probably just trying to get out of dodge. Obviously, that should hold no bearing in court and that due to the lack of evidence and her previous statements under oath that denied anything happenned are the real reasons her cased was dismissed. It's just how I see her. I hope she wasn't abused and if she did, that she does find justice but I am less inclined to believe her because of her party-girl obnoxious attitude. It's probably just her musical act, sure, but that's what she chose.

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Innocent until proven otherwise. Can't go around doing things based on accusations alone, and I don't think it said anyone was convicted at any point. That said, sucks to be her if he actually raped her/took advantage of her.

I'm glad you put "alleged" in the title. Not that I have any opinion one way or the other on what actually happens, but given the #Sonysupportrape stuff I've been seeing all day, it makes a nice change to see someone understand the concept of innocent until proven guilty. It's incredible how he's getting lynched by people at the moment. If he did it he did it and deserves to go away for it but an accusation doesn't make a criminal.

But such is the world these days I guess where Twitter allows everyone to broadcast their thoughts all day.