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Is heavy metal designed as a platform for singers who aren't exactly..."good"?

Yes. 25 14.97%
No. 126 75.45%
See results. 16 9.58%

Bold for the point.       ***EDIT: I pretty much fucked up there, I meant the direction of the style of mucis in general with music the drowns out the vocals intentionally or by design, as I tried to indicate in the tital but failed. 

Not a big Metal fan here but I've stumled onto some with youtubes "up next feature". I started with the intro by The Xx  to get pimped and stayed on the musical train ride after the fight club tune by the pixies came "up next" and I've let it roll on for an hour. I've had to stop due to a headache :P But I'm not here to offend, just want to preface this thread with why I'm making it as my threads on here are usually my opinion and I've got a remarkable ammount of time on my hands lately. So please, this is not to offend, just an observation that I wish to disscuss. So, any metal fans, I do like some Metal songs and head banging stuff but I personally do not enjoy the genre as I do with other music.

So, after an hour (and a lifetime) of listening (depending on where you want to believe I'm coming from) I've noticed that their are very little Artists who are decent singers. Theirs the exceptions of course but their seem to be very little, Fred Durst maybe. the lead from Radio head and the rapper from linkin park and a few others ...but if you disagree with this please, in a disscussion devoid of fanboyism, prove me wrong with names, links emmeded videos. Proof. 

And if you agree with me, please be polite and no hatefull crap. Music discussions can turn as volitial as Religious debates so cop on. 


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I consider some guitar play very talented. I do hate most of the singers cause it is but a scream.
But same could be said about rap. Its talking with rhymes and a good beat. You shouldnt think to much about it. Life in reality is a sad topic.

Lol hell no, metal is vastly superior, i know a lot of metal vocalist that can do both. Try scream for 3 minutes straight and tell me thats easy

Perhaps, but at least they're a platform for instrumental artists who know how to play.

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There are over 80 different sub-genres of Metal.

Despite this being a massive insult to metal fans, i understand the power of ignorance is not to be under-estimated. 


Educate yourself on a topic instead of stealth-trolling the fanbase behind it. 


Linkin park and radiohead is not metal, it's rock....


I don't need to prove shit to people who doesn't even do their own research before asking others to do it for them. Metal is doing fine without you


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Metal isn't about singing. It's about protest with clinch fists. It's not suppose to sound melodically palatable.

No, punk would be that genre (It's my favorite genre but it's true)

Bruce Dickinson is one of the best vocalist out there in popular music and a lot of the metal singers have a good use of head voice compared to other genres. I actually think metal is the rock variation woth the best singers in general even if it's not a genre I like that much

I think most people just don't like the singing style which is understandable

think-man said:
Lol hell no, metal is vastly superior, i know a lot of metal vocalist that can do both. Try scream for 3 minutes straight and tell me thats easy

Give me a reason and I'll prove ya wrong ;P But, yeah, I'm not talking vocal power here, I'm talking vocal range and consistency.


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You could argue they arnt singers at all.... same with rap.
Doesnt mean I dont like some heavy and some rap songs.

I tend to like strong vocalists though, so maybe its just me.

Seeing as you used Fred Durst as an example of a good metal signer, I am not sure if I can take this seriously lol.

It is the same with most genres, you have your good signers and your bad signers. Ke$ha is terrible and Fred Durst is terrible. Such is life. The proposition that metal is designed for bad signers is false, for you can find bad signers in any genre, and there exist death metal vocalists with beautiful vocal capabilities - such as Mikael Akerfeldt.

For a better response, metal as a genre does not necessarily have or need so much reliance on the vocals as other genres however, as more emphasis is placed on the instruments. In other terms, whereas a different genre may have the instruments as mere accomplices that help accompany the vocalist - or harmoinze to make the signing more memorable -, a metal group puts equal emphasis on all instruments - depending on the subgenre of course. This is one reason why in metal we have "bands" (like Opeth) where in other genres the artist will go by a singular title like Lady Gaga (despite the fact they have instrumental accompaniment, the emphasis is on the vocalist).

TLDR: That's equivalent to the statement that Pop music is best designed as a platform for bad instrumentalists. In reality, this is not true as we can find great musicians and vocalists in all genres. What you are instead doing is comparing different genres - and more specifically subgenres - based upon norms that can be found within that genre that may not reflect upon all practising musicians as a whole.

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