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5p - Dahum
4p - fragile
3p - stats
2p - 160rmf
1p - gooch

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axumblade said:
aw. Soulsamurai got robbed. :(

5 stats
4. fragile
3. gooch
2. 160
1. dehum


I am using you Axum. Don't feel bad.


5p - Fragile

4p - Dahum ////an?

3p - 160

2p - stats

1p - Gooch I cannot hardly see you in that elegant picture!!!

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Congrats on Pest and Mordred!

5p - Stats
4p - Dahum
3p - Fragile
2p - Gooch
1p - 160rmf

5p - Dahum
4p - Stats
3p - Fragile
2p - Gooch
1p - 160rmf

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5p - Stats87
4p - Duham
3p - FragilE
2p - gooch_destroyer
1p - 160rmf

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pbroy said:
Stats87 said:

Both of my parents born in Canada. my mothers parents came to Canada in the 50's. On my father's side it was his grandparents that came over. 

My girlfriend is from the Netherlands. We met while she was doing her Master's/internship in Vancouver where I am from. For now we've decided to live in her home country 

Model UN = Model United Nations. Grade 4 is level of school is like 9 and 10 year olds haha. It was a joke about pretend sessions we had as kids in school where you each represented a mix of countries


Stop already, you're going to make him wet. 😋

BTW, I love the confidence of giving yourself 5p. Yet, it doesn't make me feel like you deserve less points because of that. 😆


well I was told to love others you first must learn to love yourself and I'm exhibiting that here evidently. =P

Dahum said:
Stats87 said:
First off I'd just like to say to everyone involved


5p - Stats87 - Love the beard and the vest...but why not look at the camera more and show off the green eyes?
4p - Dahum - Excellent beard sculpting and haircut
3p - FragilE^ = Nice accessorizing with the headphones, also props for a well executed selfie in an airplane
2p - gooch_destroyer - That drink looks refreshing. Good side profile with a thoughtful and pensive gaze off into the sun
1p - 160rmf - Nice look, but with the straightforwardness of the photo there aren't enough side things to add to the overall photo experience. Although i do like the usage of a subtle smile

Loving the in-depth reviews of each photo tbh.. well descibed man👌



this is all in good fun so I figured doing it like that with a little humor and analysis would be for the better. Especially when I'm voting for myself, haha. 

In 3 hours, this round will be coming to a close. Get your votes in before its too late!


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1 hour left


Xbone... the new "N" word   Apparently I troll MS now | Evidence | Evidence

5p - Stats87 - dressed to impress
4p - Fragile - pooping face
3p - 160rmf - on the toilet
2p - Dahum - safety first
1p - gooch_destroyer - 'to drink or not to drink, this glass of water'

Put Gooch and Dahum bottom for voting high points for themselves :p

Edit - stats gave himself 5p also -tut tut- you are a vain lot.