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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Lair Overhyped by VGChartz Members???

Nice dig. I even stuck up for Lair a little bit in May hehe.

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Thank you for the thread necromancy!

This was, on many levels, a very satisfying read, which has brought out a good number of hearty LOLs from the depths of my being.

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This was even funnier to read when you don't notice the first posts were from May until you get to the last 6 posts -- I didn't know what the hell was going on, and especially why Ck was dissing bioshock.. i attempted to look for sarcasm in his post but i couldn't find any... then I came all the way to the end to find that it was from like 4 months ago

Very enjoyable read :D

definitely funny reading... like tabsina, thought the first few posts were recent.

thread necromancy... i like that term! is it original?

the Wii is an epidemic.

LOL ck

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Lingyis said:
thread necromancy... i like that term! is it original


It's old, but quite fitting.

From Wikipedia:

Bumping old or inactive ("dead") threads is occasionally called "necroposting" or "thread necromancy", and the bumping posts referred to as "frankenposts". "Dead" threads that are reawakened are often called "thread necros". People who resurrect old threads are often called "threadomancers".

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Yes itz been overhypeddd wayy 2 much...

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URNotE said:
Lair will do 500k by the end of its lifespan....

Holly shit i basically predicted it will flop!!!! hahahahaha i guess im not a delusional fanboy after all hahahahaha thats excellent... i must not have had high hopes for this game ... good job for pulling this back up... i couldnt remember whether or not i was saying crazy and unreal things about this game or not..

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OriGin said:
I've said it before and i'll say it again, Lair is going to flop like a 90 year old who can't get any viagra.

ckmlb said:
No that's Bioshock lol


The question for ckmlb (who owns both a PS3 and 360) is: Are you currently playing Lair or BioShock?


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