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Onyxmeth said:

It looks nice, but these are stillshots. They could easily be made to look this good. Are there videos showing this game in action yet?


 I dunno. If they touched them up, don't you think that they would have done something about the obviously simple geometry? The textures and lighting are very nice, but the polygons are clearly visible.

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impressive looks beter then all the other crap from third party dev.

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Yakuzaice said:
thetonestarr said:

Not to mention I see plenty of jaggies in that pic, but almost none in the Sky Crawlers one.



 Uh, yeah?





...but then, jaggies are typically due to poor scaling and not graphical phailure nowadays, so that's a moot point in all honesty. Shh. :ph34r:


i love how someone post some good looking wii pics and instantly we have troll come in to complain about them and put up pics of other games on the 360 and PS3

okay we get it those machines can do better pretties for you, now please relax and just admit for a wii game those screens look pretty darn good..

i mena its not like we go into your threads and say - huh look how crappy the controls are when he is firing his gun....

we are almost all adults here


Something else to consider when comparing Ace Combat on PS2 and this. The Wii is a particle monster so clouds, contrails, jet exhaust, etc coupled with much better wind physics will look far beyond what was seen in Ace Combat series on PS2.

I just scanned though 360 images of AC4 and saw clouds only rarely and they looked like they may have been static or above the flight ceiling. I see dynamic clouds in 2 of the 3 Sky Crawler screens.

However, I too feel they may actually be target renders. Notice the peculiarly placed sparkles on the wing tips and complex propeller blur?

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Looks really nice to me. Can't wait to see a trailer.

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i just want it to handle well, feel like a flight stick ya know


It looks nice, but I will wait for the videos.

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Looks like a later wave of Xbox games which is good cause most Wii games haven't even looked as good as Xbox games. A start to something better hopefully.

looks nice, not to special but nice

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