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What it says on the tin. what are your musical artists and are there any tunes from them you like in particular?.


The 3 top faves for me would have to be:




Renard Queenston:


Ken Ashcorp:


Kept it to 3 since any mroe would have made the list and links much bigger.



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Radiohead, New Order, The Smiths, The Cure, Arcade Fire, David Bowie, Tame Impala, Slowdive, Sigur Ros, The XX and a completely endless etc

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As far as tunes go


Blaqk Audio:

VNV Nation:


Britney!! =D

That aside, I also listen to Megadeth, Iron Maiden, NWA, Kiesza and Die Ärzte.

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Not very familiar with singers, but my favorite composers are Liszt, Alkan, Mozart, Bach, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Scrjabin and of course, Beethoven.

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Goodnightmoon said:

Radiohead, New Order, The Smiths, The Cure, Arcade Fire, David Bowie, Tame Impala, Slowdive, Sigur Ros, The XX and a completely endless etc

Good taste you got there, especially with interest in the late sovereign (Bowie)


Hip-Hop: Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, MF DOOM, Talib Kweli, Kenn Starr, Common

Reggae: Bob Marley, Capleton,

All around favorite musician: Michael Jackson


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I'm all over the place.

Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Radiohead, Alice in Chains, Deftones, Opeth, Converge, Devin Townsend,

I like everything (almost), but I'll go through phases where I listen almost exclusively to a specific genre for months at a time. Latest phase was grunge, before that was hip hop, before that was death metal etc.

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I was born two or maybe even three decades late. Music-wise, I'm a '70s guy:

Eagles, Queen, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Boston, Dire Straits, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Van Halen...

You name it. If it's from the seventies, I'll probably like it. Of course, some of those bands bleed over into the '80s or started in the '60s, but of course it's not like my liking of their songs stops once it came out in 1980 or after, but anyway.

Outside that decade, I like music of a similar genre from the decade before like The Beatles or The Animals, or from the decade after like Motorhead, Toto, Guns 'n' Roses, Scorpions and Metallica.

When I was a kid, from very young to around the age of 10, I was a huge fan of Michael Jackson. Even went to a concert of his with my parents back in 1995. I'm not exactly into today's music. There's a few exceptions of-course, even some that go outside of my prefered genre (classic rock, hard-rock) but generally, I'm more into the old stuff.

There are too many for me to list all. I do prefer music from the 80s and earlier over more recent stuff. As far as movie composers goes I have one clear favorite one Ennio Morricone and when it comes to video game music composers my clear favorite is Nobuo Uematsu.