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Forums - Music Discussion - Did you have Music lessons during secondary school ?


Did you have Music lessons during secondary (or any other) school ?

Yes, I attended lessons at school 14 73.68%
Yes, I had an optional course 1 5.26%
Yes, I attended to private lessons 0 0%
No. 4 21.05%

This is a topic that always interested me because depending on where you live school can be extremely different from place to place so I decided to ask one of the most basic questions that came to my mind: Did you have Music Lessons AT School ?

First of I'll explain my conception of Music class solely based on MY experience in MY country:

In Italy during the three years that define secondary school (from 11 to 13 yo) students take 2 hours of Music lessons per week, this music lessons are counted as regular school lessons, similarly to Math, Grammar, P.E. and so on. EVERY STUDENT must attend the lessons and they get a grade for Music as a subject based on how well you play your instrument and how well you score in exams for "History of Music" which is the study of how Music was born and evolved through History.

The instruments are pre-established, studends can choose to play either Flute, Guitar or Keyboard and every student must purchase by himself his chosen instrument (excluding people with financial problems who usually are helped by the municipality or families that due to having multiple children had to purchase multiple instruments). Depending on the school there's the possibility that the school owns different other instruments, for example, my school owned a Piano, four professional keyboards, a bass, various acoustic and electric guitars, drums and three clarynets. Usually this instruments are used by the Teacher or by the most skilled students and prove to be an incentive for students to do their best so that they can play them.

Without dwelling about how lessons work I'd like to know if you attended to Music lessons during secondary  school (or any other school if it's in a similar way).

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Why is this thread in nintendo discussion ?

Anyways yes I had music lessons, but I was never good at them (and I also lack the interest)


Mike321 said:
Why is this thread in nintendo discussion ?

Anyways yes I had music lessons, but I was never good at them (and I also lack the interest)


whoops, too many NX threads aren't any good for my health

Music courses were require all elementary years, 1st to 5th grade. But after that, I think music courses weren't required, but they were offered. I continue to take music courses past 5th grade. I took orchestra, I played the viola.

there was 3 courses offered. only option until 4th grade was a general music class, that I honestly don't remember much from. I all I know is we got to play a lot of different type of instruments.

In 5th grade, they introduce 'Band' and 'orchestra'. Which band includes basicly all instruments thats not a cello, base, violen, or viola. We were required to rent an instrument from the school or have our own to practice at home.

they also had that singing class, what ever its called.


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Yes, I had them in my school. Never had to buy, or even use, an instrument though. They had school keyboards that people could use but really music classes were just for sitting around chatting to your mates. Never had any exams for it or had to study history of music either.

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No, I never had music lessons.

Yes.. I think for 3 years from age 12 to 15.. Learning how to Read notes, history, singing (usually I skipped that part) and musical plays..


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Moved from Nintendo Discussion to Music Discussion :p

Zekkyou said:
Moved from Nintendo Discussion to Music Discussion :p


thanks ! sorry for the mistake :c

Yes. Was a complete waste of time though.

We spent about half an hour a week on the 'history of music' (although that makes it sounds far grander than it actually was - it basically amounted to briefly learning about Mozart or Bach's musical origins) and another half an hour blindly tapping on a school-provided keyboard with a partner.

If you wanted to learn to play an instrument you had to take extra classes that usually involved the school bringing in an actual music teacher once or twice a week I think.

Mind you, that was far from the most pointless compulsory class at my secondary school. That award undoubtedly goes to having to learn Welsh.