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fatslob-:O said:
It's absolutely fair IMO ...

Most of the wealth is earned, not inherited and saying otherwise is denying ...

Actually, that's not true. As of today, a German study (Freie Universität Berlin &  Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung = prestigious) attested 80% of the European millionaires captial to be handed on from one generation to another above those who possess more than 2,5€ mio. Actually meaning all people who share the biggest piece of the pie.

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Money is overrated.

...Let the Sony Domination continue with the PS4...

As Richard Nixon famously proclaimed: we're all Keynesians now.

The sad truth is, he was correct.

WolfpackN64 said:

I know the Scandinavian countries are doing pretty good, even if they don't have the perfect system as I envisioned (I really mean going away from liberal democracy to something like democratic confederalism, but anyway). As I'm a fan of nature, that would also be a plus, and Norway isn't too far from Belgium.

Only problem is... my girlfriend canNOT stand the cold :(


Tell your girlfriend it's alright. We have banished the cold. Central heating, insulated housing, double/triple-ply windows, heated cars, , instant hot food and water, it's fantastic.

We have down coats, hats, gloves, scarves, big Timberland boots to keep our feet warm and dry.

If at any point you get too hot, you can take off your jumper, or turn down the heat, or boot up the air conditioning.

We can even heat toilet seats! And a hell of a lot more than 62 people can enjoy that today.


I wonder what percent of humanity has access to this technology today? How about 10 years ago? 50? Two centuries ago?

The world today is a true horror.

You don't hate the rich. You just want to be rich.

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fatslob-:O said:
MTZehvor said:

As it pertains to contests or measuring of equality, yes, it does. For instance, people got upset at the Patriots when they were accused of deflating footballs. Why? Because it (supposedly) put them at an advantage that others teams didn't start off with. People argue that the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision makes campaigning "unfair" for less wealthy candidates because they can't afford to advertise themselves as much, and are at a disadvantage from the get go. That's the issue at stake here, and that's really what fairness is all about. If you've got a different idea of what fair means, then feel free to throw it out there.

I agree that having better or worse circumstances is a part of life, but that doesn't make the concept of fairness any less valid. It just means that life isn't fair, which, coincidentially, is a commonly enough heard phrase that I think it drives the point home.

My idea of "fair" is pertaining to adhering standards or rules ... 

Life is one shitty game that involves some luck whether you like it or not ... 

You can only argue about fairness on the grounds of misconduct for a very small set of variables ... 

Nothing is ever equal in life but that doesn't mean it's not fair. The rules for it makes sense to great degree ...

Then you're simply setting the bar for what to evaluate fairness at a certain level. Once a certain set of rules or guidelines, along with some background details, are established, anything that gives one side an unfair advantage is unfair. I'm simply taking the same concept of fairness, and using it to evaluate the background of the situations as well.

To put it another way, imagine I fought Mike Tyson in a boxing match. So long as neither of us cheated by taking steroids or something, it would be a "fair" competition. Yet, people would say "that's not even a fair fight." Why? Because I'm obviously starting off at a disadvantage (namely barely having boxed at all in my life and being nowhere near as strong). The competition is only "fair" if you disregard the background knowledge to the situation, which is what fair means in regards to rules. If you apply the same standards to everything, however, including background information, it becomes far more difficult to make the case for it being fair.

Also, just as a heads up, you can end your sentences with more than just ellipses. =p

62 people pulled themselves up by their bootstraps

fluky-nintendy said:
Money is overrated.

being poor isnt

Power comes with money. Unless we're talking good old fashioned uprising with some public beheadings, nothing will ever change, because they set the rules themselves.

Being aware might be beneficial, I guess.. But in the end, its barely worth thinking about.
That's life ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Money cannot extend your life and defeat death, well even when you are sad, your video games, car, house, and toys cannot even make you a very happy person. But we need money, but for a tools not as a king or God. Money is essentials but not a priority. Most of richest person on earth never chase money, money chase them, because they use money as a tools not as a God.