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Do you agree?

Yes 40 16.81%
No 60 25.21%
I don't care 45 18.91%
See Results... 9 3.78%
I have XboxOne/WiiU/PC... 13 5.46%
Yes, but It's not that big of a deal... 18 7.56%
No, it's not that big of a deal... 53 22.27%

don't really care tbh. I keep all my old console and play them the way they were made.

Sometimes I will buy remakaes though if they warrant a purchase.



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The complexity of the PS3 architecture probably makes PS3 BC unrealistic.
As for PS2 and PS1 games, that should be possible. But it's probably not much of a selling point today, plus they wanna make that cash m0ney!

I still have my PS2 and PS3 though, so I'm fine. Plus most of my PS2 games were pirated anyway, so I wouldn't be able to play them on PS4 anyway.

While I would like the PS4 to have the ability to play PS2 games for me it is not a real problem since I still have my backwards compatible PS3 which still does a very good job of playing PS2 games. Of course with regard to playing PS1 games all PS2's and PS3's can do this but to be fair the display on a large HDTV leaves much to be desired although the gameplay has not changed.

Even if my BC PS3 failed and I could not repair it or get it repaired I would just use the PC emulator for the odd times when I feel like some nostalga.

Of course if I do really want to play a PS2 games on my PS4 that I don't have I do expect to pay for it although there is no way I would pay for PS2 games I allready have unless I want Trophies which although nice is not a selling point for me.

The PS4 was announced without backwards compatibility so bringing out PS2 BC after two years is a nice feature but IMHO not a console seller and I am quite happy playing PS4 games on my PS4.

I think Sony would do emulation PS3 emulation if possible. That Cell is a real pain in the ass.
But more importantly Sony spent like $500 million on PS Now. Now go use that.

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PS2 could play PS1 games. PS3 could play PS1 and PS2 games. PS4 is the first consoles that does not have built in BC and they're currently doing stuff to work around that. 

SNES could not play NES games and nobody cared. N64 could not play SNES games and nobody cared. GC could not play N64 games and nobody cared. Fun fact: Sony was the first company of the big three to ever deliver BC.

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Nintation360 said:

This is the ONLY thing I HATE about Sony home consoles, is theres NO Backwards Comp!!!


How old are you? You know Sony made backwards comp the norm with the ps1,ps2 and ps3 right? Act as if their consoles have never had it.

I personally don't like Sony's recent strategy with PS2 ported games. Yes, they have trophy support, but paying 15$ just to re-buy a PS2 game seems overkill. I would be willing to pay that much for good PS3 games, but this is a step too far in my opinion.


Either way, the PS3's hardware is a big roadblock in getting backwards compatibility, so I'm sure they want it as well, but they can't.

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Wow! I admire your passion, OP!

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mZuzek said:
Because they can get money from remastering PS3 games under the excuse that "now the people that didn't have the PS3 can now enjoy it".


Isn't that the truth? Why else would you play a game than you already cleared? Only for a better resolution? I'm actually happy they are remastering it so I can play the games I didn't buy the last generation.

Because they love money and give no sh#t about what gamers want