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Forums - Sony Discussion - Final Fantasy 7 Remake issue, buy the pieces or wait for the full game?

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What would you do?

Buy each piece at launch/close to it 48 24.24%
Buy it whole, waiting for years 111 56.06%
Buy nothing 39 19.70%

i do what everybody should do. wait and see. instead of making meaningless decisions.

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Looks like ill be waiting for the full PC release now. Sorry cutting the game in prices is not my style. By the time the game is complete, it would be a multiplatform game.

teigaga said:
Soonerman said:
I saw a great quote on IGN btw which brings me to the question, why are you fans still defending their decision to do this episodic/in parts because"they can't fit it in one disc.'?

"if Bethesda with much less money than Square can fit Elder Scrolls Skyrim with all its details and intricacies, FF7 can too. Square just likes money more than Bethesda."

This real question is would fans rather wait for then, or recieve the game in parts possibly starting fall 2017 or even maybe as early as late 2016. Theres lots of variables but this is essentially what it boils down to. 

The problem with that, if long amount of time is needed. Why was it announced in the first place, now? You'd wait till you were nearly done. Also, the game should of been in delveopment when the first devkits of the PS4 were first released. Not two years in. This is not a new game. The idea doesn't have to pop in someones head. And then planned out over a few years. They intended to sell it in pieces, from the get go. They didn't just go: "Oh hey, this game is gonna take 5-6 years. Let's announce it now. Oh, wait we still have 4 years left to do. Let's break it up." That would be the stupidest director for a company ever. Things don't just happen at a company that's been making games for 20 years. They know the time needed for games to be completed. They built that experience up.