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Forums - Sony Discussion - Final Fantasy 7 Remake issue, buy the pieces or wait for the full game?

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What would you do?

Buy each piece at launch/close to it 48 24.24%
Buy it whole, waiting for years 111 56.06%
Buy nothing 39 19.70%
tiffac said:

Its kept. So no worries on that part xD

Awww, thank you very much for the info. I'm hyped again. :3

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like i did with life is strange, buy/invest the whole thing upfront because of good faith in the final product, and wait for the episodes to be released time after time.

If they price each part 60$ then no thank you I will wait until they release all of them together for 60$-80$. If each one costs 20$-30$ then I will get them as they come out.

As I see a lot of damage-control by apologists is beeing made in many different forums. For me this is a total rip-off. What FF7 made a good game weren´t the parts seen on their own, but the complete package. With this espisodic rip-off, excuse me, I mean business model, you end up with just slices of the "pie". That was one of the reason every single one of the other FF7 IP products, be it Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus and Advent Children ended up disappointing one more than the other. Another problem is that to make each episode feel like complete games, each one will drag and get alot of filler bloat. The pacing will be affected.

Luckily enough I´m not willing to be ripped-off and won´t buy into SQEX stupid excuses. It´s really a big disappointment and I´ll happily wait until it´s released as a compilation and ignore the episodes. But only if the quality holds up, which isn´t guaranteed when it comes to SQEX and FF for years now. If there won´t be one, who cares, there are enough games. It´s more importamt to me not to support such rip-off schemes.

I don't buy half made games, so they won't see a penny from me until the full game is launched.

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If it were me, I would just wait for the complete thing. Buying in pieces would drive me mad. I couldn't wait another month for another episode.

I also love how the poll says to wait for years x D I don't think it would be that bad.



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It depends on how big those 'pieces' are, how much they are and how many of them there are. $15 for 25 hours and 4 pieces in all sounds reasonable to me.


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I will buy it all, each episodes, the complete game, every collector and limited edition....that makes it's way to NA.

It depends on the size and price of each piece but I'll say this is not good news.

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So from the top of the non existent amoutn of info we have the answer is, who the hell knows.