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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best Selling Console Does Not Equal Best Console.

And i bet the worst selling console definitely doesn't mean its the best console, right?

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You are right with your example.

Wii is the exception.


They all were the best selling (yup, pulling PS4 there already), and all the best (again, pulling the PS4 there already), though.

So it's 5-1 for best selling consoles, though.

First can you please provide for a definition of "best console" so that we can make some kind of judgement based on something other than personal preference.

Otherwise best console simply means the console I like best, and what anyone else says or thinks is irrelevant. Which means there's no such thing as a best console.

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Azzanation said:
PS1 best selling but I spent most of my time on the N64
PS2 best selling but I played the hell out of my GameCube
Wii best selling but I loved my 360
PS4 best selling but I cant get off my XB1

All my opinion and taste.

Exactly what I say. 

But best console does equal best console. No manouvering there.

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I've got two words for you, "damage control" ...

Agreed though ps4 is my preferred choice for the 8th gen.

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Best Console by Generation

3rd: NES
4th: SNES
5th: N64
6th: They were all kinda meh
7th: Total toss-up
8th: Too early to say; right now it's a tie between the PS4 & Wii U

To those that argue that sales do reflect on which console is best that gen, I find it highly offensive and hypocritical that you wouldn't include the Wii in that argument.

Best selling console may not equal best console.


The one with the most/best third party support, pricing, bundling and good first party support on top of the # of units sold will be considered the best.


So far the PS4 is the one that fits the above this gen excluding portables.


Now OP - go buy the PS4 - dat guilty pleasure.


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