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Forums - Sony Discussion - Two PS4 Bundles $299.99 December 6th - 19th

tokilamockingbrd said:

its no suprise that the Star Wars Bundle is going to be 6-19 DEC. 6 DEC is the day before everyone can play the Battle of Jakku map (which is getting advertising of its own) and the 19th is the day after TFA comes out. You can bet that Sony will play commercials for the Star Wars bundle in theaters on the 17th and 18th as people will be getting to the theater early and will be saving their seats and sitting through the commericials.

Millions of people who are going to watch TFA are going to see an advert for a cool looking SW game, with a "special" bundle price that ends in 1 day! If they love the movie (almost everyone will on 1st viewing, it will be after time people accept it was not good as they hoped) they may impulse buy that awsome looking Star Wars game with the PS4.

I'm curious about as to what stock will be available for the SW bundle. Naturally, SCE would want to have as many as they can stockpile before the release, but there is a finite number produced which means depending upon availability, they could sell out of those bundles. 

On a related note, I did see a half stack of PS4 bundles on Black Friday that morning, which means they didn't sell out at the midnight opening at least at that one location. I wouldn't have been surprised if those were gone by closing though. 

So the how many can SCE sell may simply boil down to how many bundles are available.

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This time they really want dat sweet sweet NPD.

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Ooh, thats cheap.


They need to be physical disc bundles, not downloads. Having to download ALL the Uncharted games? Even on a 60mbps connection, that's gonna take forever.

ZombieVito said:

Jesus Christ...

I didn't want to buy a PS4 until mid 2016 but this offer is to good to pass up.

We all know Sony domination is a real thing and there is nothing Microsoft or Nintendo can do about it....

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Wow, Sony have been very proactive this holiday season.

PS4 figures will be really Great in NA for Nov and Dec.

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This almost seems as though SCEA is prepping for a regular $299 MSRP, likely for a bare console, 500GB HDD in early 2016.

I really hadn't expected to see $299 PS4s until after the first complete redesign/slim late in 2016.

Sony playing their cards right. PS4 will have 2 months of massive sales. Looks like they really want that sweet npd win.