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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Was Cloud a good character to appear in Super Smash Bros?

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Was Cloud a good choice for Smash Bros?

I like his inclusion 77 60.63%
There were better choices 35 27.56%
I don't care 15 11.81%
episteme said:
They should put big video game icons in Smash if they can get them. Even if they don't have a history on Nintendo platforms.

I like the idea of it becoming more and more a celebration of video games in general, no other game could do that.

You know, I was just talking about this with friends, and we agreed. Smash Bros is becoming a sort of celebration for games, and it's just greeeat.



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Come on people. We don't even know the other announced characters, chillax.

Why was Snake added in Brawl? He's not well known in terms of Nintendo consoles.

Same with Pacman, Ryu, and now Cloud.

They're some of the most respected and loved characters.



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