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Tagging. Tagged already. Tagged again.

So I'll make a small review and commentary of every one of my games of my list, with the hopes of maybe starting a debate.

50. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, for N64 and GC. I start my top 50 list with what many consider one of the best games of all time. And it sure shows... but it barely reaches the top 50, what can I do, sobre gustos no hay nada escrito. This game is the textbook example of a fantasy videogame, the tale of a little kid on a long journey to save the land from evil is far from original at this point, but this take on the story is nonetheless effective. I like the music, I like the mazes (except that water temple, uugghh), I like the boss fights, and I like the final confrontation with Ganondorf. When I was fighting him, I kept dying during the tennis fight. I needed to find all of the bottles to get fairies and the special blessing that doubles you resistance. So, after a lot of tries, the castle starts crumbling down, and I desperately run to the exit to avoid fighting Ganondorf again (I didn't know that you respawned on the castle crumbling part, not Ganondorf, but I didn't want to take any chances). So I barely made it to the exit door, the whole building collapses, and Ganondorf comes back and becomes Ganon. I completely forgot that he does that! I was so pumped with all the previous shenanigans that I forgot he does that! So I'm now angry, I don't want to fight the tennis duel again, and he disarms me. I just equip the giant's dagger and start pummelim him, the sword BREAKS and I just keep slashing him until I get my real sword, defeat the monster, seal him for good, and watch the ending cutscene. That was a fantastic boss fight section, really well done. I played the Master Quest collection on GameCube (and played on my Wii).
49. The World Ends With You, for DS. I picked up this game without any knowledge of what it could be. It turned out to be the best gameplay of the entire DS library, and the DS is my favourite console, so that means is really good. I didn't get the story, I could barely guess what was going on (sorry SE, it happened again:P), and the characers were annoying, but this game is here just by gameplay and presentation alone. The use of the touchscreen was precise, varied and very satisfying. If not for the awful distribution of most of the DS games, I would have bought it, but it wasn never avalible at stores. Shame on you, whoever fault that was.
48. Far Cry 3, for PC. After starting to become tired of Skyrim, and that was more than a year and a half after I started to play it, I quickly felt the need for another action open world game. One day, I heard the jokes about Far Cry 3 being "Skyrim with guns", and because that was exactly what I needed, began to play it. And it was great. The story of Jason Brody fighting to rescue his friends, defeat an evil pirate organization and keep his humanity in the midst of all this chaos was great, fun, and with the villain Vaas proving to be a really intimidating antagonist. The world was beautiful, a giant green jungle to explore, full of plants and animals that could break you if you gave them the chance. Weapons were varied enough to incentivize using all of them on the pirates (even if bow-AK was practically all you needed in the game). The bossfights were, for hthe most part, weak, except for that one demon-like creature that appears during an hallucination scene.
47. Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, for PC. This one hasn't aged that well, I have to damit. But good games don't age, just mature, like fine wine. Most Star Wars games have very interesting stories, and this one is no exception. A bit too long, but maybe that's because of the level design, you sometimes get lost and don't know where to go. But the combat is great, specially all the force abilities and lightsaber fights.
46. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, for 3DS. I got this game for free thanks to a Nintendo promotion, and boy I am thankful for that. Not only is this the best 2D Zelda I've played, it's also one of the best 3DS games ever made. This game is full of things to do, and it's one of the few games that I've 100% completed in a long time (except for those pesky StreetPass challenges). Yes, it's easy, it sometimes it barely challenges you, but the mechanics and the different weapons are still fun to use. Also, it's great that you could buy all the weapons from the very beginning, I grinded a little bit and I had every tool from the start. The ability to travel through walls gives you the opportunity to explore every nook and cranny of the map, and you have also Lorule to explore. I also like the twist, after you've been trying to help Hilda to restore peace to her kingdom and rescue Zelda, it turns out that she was the one that orchestrated her kidnapping! And she wants the hylian triforce to restore her kingdom, and letting Hyrule to rott! She manages to get both the Triforce of Wisdom and Power, and she looks at you with THAT ANGRY EXPRESSION IN HER EYES (wonderful work on the design there, Nintendo. Props.). I was legitimately surprised, I didn't see that one coming! And then Yuga, the evil witch (or wizard, I don't remember its genre) turns Hilda into a painting, FUSES WITH GANONDORF and tries to kill you! After you defeat it in a rather weak fight, Zelda uses the power the Triforce to bring the lorulean Triforce back. That's a beautiful gesture, right there.
45. The Sims 3, for PC. It's the Sims. Who doesn't like playing God with a bunch of people? Mwahahahahaha
44. Sonic Colours, for Wii and DS. I'M GONNA REACH FOR THE STAAAAAAAARS. This was a fantastic game. Both versions of this game are some of the best Sonic platforming we've had in a decent time. For as much as 7th gen sonic has suffered misses (and boy, how massive misses), Sonic Colours on Wii and DS prove that, deep down, they can put together a great experience if they don't overcomplicate things. Just a blue hedgehog, a boost bar and mini powers that come from aliens. Simple stuff. Both versions look fantastic, the colours and detail of the 3D version and the spritework of the 2D one are some of the best in the series, and the music is also a hit. The best part is the writing, though. After so many dark and edgy Sonic games, it's nice to see one a cartoony and laid back storyline for once. They are funny, they don't seem out of place, the conversations and one liners are memorable ("Eggman, I am going to save this planet, and I am going to free these aliens. No copyright law in the universe is going to stop me!" XD), the games are great.
43. Star Wars Battlefront 2, for PC. I remember finding this game one day on a store, heavily discounted, and I couldn't resist my urges of buying it. I had the first BF since it came out, and I loved it, so I expected this game to be even better. And sure enough, it was. I don't like it as much as the original BF, but it's probably because I had played the original so much, so this choice is heavily nostalgia-based. This game was packed with content. Back in the day, I didn't have internet, so I just played the single player stuff, and this game still had hours and hours of stuff to do. The 501's campaign was great, you don't see very often a game taking the perspective of the bad guys. Galactic Conquest was amazing, I would have loved to play that one online with friends. The spacial scenario you could play as heroes was fun too, a nice fun touch. To this day, my biggest victory on any single player game was here. In the battle of Geonosis, playing as a CSI sniper droid on a difficult setting, the enemy quickly squashed all other units of my team but me, and it was me alone against almost the whole clone army. An, in a battle that took me almost an hour, I managed to beat every single one of them just by sniping, rolling around the edges of the map and capturing positions that weren't guarded. That 1-0 victory, shame I couldn't have recorded it.
42. Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, for PC. This game practically gave birth, single-handedly, to the modern 3rd person shooter. Out of all the CoDs out there, this one is the turning point of the series. Before Modern Warfare, CoD was a moderated franchise, after Modern Warfare, CoD games are bigger that some of the blockbuster movies released. Playing it feels satisfying, the campaign was amazing (the whole Modern Warfare trilogy is one of my favourite stories of all time). The multiplayer was great too, but after a while, everyone was using cheats and autokills.
41. Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow, for GameBoy/GB Color. Pokemon is my favourite franchise of all time. That alone gives the original Pokemon a spot on my list. When this game came out, I didn't have a GameBoy, my first console was a GBA. I remember always watching everyone playing this, EVERYONE, and when G/S/C arrived, even more Pokemon took over everyone on my school. It was everywhere, and I loved it. Looking back to it, I respect a lot what GameFreak was trying to do with it, even if in a lot of respects is buggy and simplistic. Some attacks don't work, some types are extremely overpowered... but at the time, we didn't care. I could only play this through emulation on my computer for years. When the remakes came out, I HAD to buy the GBA to play it once again. To this day, my copy of LeafGreen is the only game I had with the 999:59 hours. That is a dedication I didn't have until years after.
40. Pokemon Trading Card Game, for GameBoy. Why hasn't Nintendo made another TGC game? THis one was great! I remember playing with my brother to the Pokemon cards and having a blast. They were all fake cards, I could buy a ton of chinese knockoff decks for very cheap and we didn't care, because we were kids. However, we didn't know how to play properly. This game taught me how to play. It was simple to use, it looked great for a GBC game, and it had some of the seriest best soundtracks. We need a new Pokemon TGC game, and one with a story mode and exploration around the world. It's always a nice touch to explore the world of Pokemon, even if you don't battle with them.
39. Zoo Tycoon+ expansions, for PC. Management games are always very polarizing. Either you love them, or you get bored by them fast. Out of all of the games of that genre I've played, this one stands out. Organizing and decorating your own zoo was both fun and challenging, specially in higher levels of the campaign, when they ask you ridiculous things as getting a lot of prizes in a short amount of time, get all animals happy with barely any money or space, or BREED PANDAS (this one was a nightmare, just #### already!). The little easter eggs and cheats were always fun to see: do you know if you put a mermaid statue in a water tank, it becomes an actual mermaid? I found that out messing with my fishes, that was great!
38. Star Wars Battlefront, for PC. Like I said before, I consider BFII a better game than this one, but the original edges it out by me playing this one way more than the sequel. Also, maybe for the aerial combat, I think it was tighter in the original, but that might just be my memory.
37. Super Mario 64 DS, for DS.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Soooo, correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't now be the time to start giving hints?

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Teeqoz said:
Soooo, correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't now be the time to start giving hints?

Hint #50:

This beloved third entry in a long standing strategy franchise (not that beloved third entry in a long standing strategy franchise, the other beloved third entry in a long standing strategy franchise!) started my love affair with the undead legions. It taught me the value of strength in numbers, and nothing was more satisfying than to see my supposedly weakest unit overwhelm other players.


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Ka-pi96 said:

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos?

Not that beloved third entry in a long standing strategy franchise, the other beloved third entry in a long standing strategy franchise!


You got it though. Heroes of Might & Magic III.

Necropolis ftw!

I have to finalize my list in order to give out my hint! Sooooooooo late!

Signature goes here!

So many good memories.

But we'll get to that tomorrow!

Still need to put the finishing touches on my list!

So glad this is back!

Ka-pi96 said:

My hint for #50: It's... a sports game? It was criticised heavily for lacking content compared to its predecessor. And umm... I only know one other guy on here that liked it.

Not a good hint, but what more can I say about a sports game?

NHL 15? I know you and Slade liked it (I think?), and it was criticised for lacking content soooo... It's my best guess