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Forums - Sony Discussion - Prediction: Uncharted 4 will sell 5 - 6 million in FW, 15 + Million LT

Assuming a metascore in the 90s: 2.5-3 million FW. 8-10 million lifetime.

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LT = Lifetime

LTD = Life to Date

OT: That's way too optimistic. 9m would have been optimistic. 15? No way... I expect a 4m first week best case scenario.

4 to 5 million first week? no, just no.

Nope, nope, nope. More like 2.5m FW and 8m+ LT.

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I don't understand the crazy first week predictions people are making.

Uncharted isn't a newish franchise for sales to randomly explode. Last of Us 2 I can defenitely see doing significantly better than the first one. Uncharted has stayed fairly consistant over its past two iterations and I doubt things will change much on the PS4. The ps4 is selling more than the ps3 but Uncharted 3 launched to a much more massive installbase and did nowhere near those numbers.

1.5-2mil first week
7-9mil lifetime depending on how hard they go on the bundling. 

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2-3M FW
8-10M LT could be more than 10M depending on bundle duration


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tbone51 said:
15mil day one

Let's make a bet; I'm going with 12+ copies on day 1.

5 - 6 million? Wow, I wasn't aware the Uncharted series has become the next CoD.

Uncharted 3 and Last of Us had massive hype and both did 1.3 million.

I'm expecting a great opening for Uncharted 4. More like... 2 million.

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Doesn't seems like it, a 5M+ FW seller would need a ridiculous amount of hype.
As much as Uncharted has a good hype, and the PS4 is way better than the PS3 to be able to reach more gamers, this will simply not happen. The only thing I can think would be able to sell as much and so fast would be a new TLOU, if it's able to keep up for the first game and actually surpass it.

Uncharted 4 will sell very well, but I doubt the franchise has such levels of hype behind of it.

And don't forget it's coming on a slow period of the year. It may have huge legs leading to the holidays, butthis numbers seems just too much, really too much.

lol what, unless they bundle it with every PS4 sold for the year it's never going near 15m, obviously the series is accustomed to mass bundling but not THAT much.

More realistic prediction would be 1.5-2m first week and 7-8m lifetime.