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TheObserver said:

Lol, this is true. But it should give some idea just how well it's selling. 

I'd say yes, If we use the VGC numbers just as a rough estimation guide.

GTAV has sold around 700k units in USA this year and it's number 18on Amazon , Bloodborne has sold around 600k and it's number 20.

So I'd say Halo has passed them in the US easily, and it's not surprising, Halo 3 sold over 2.4 million in the USA during it's opening week.

Infact I'd say Halo 5 numbers might be a lot lower than Halo 3 and even Halo 4 based on this.

Are those just X1 sales or combined sales?

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Seems MS is starting already. There's $50 gift cards at Amazon, Bestbuy, and Target. Don't think it'll have a big effect like last year. PS4's price drop plus COD and SW bundles are too big to stop. Also i think this confirms there will be no price drop fire sale. They would have announced it already too. Instead, they're going to rely on black friday deals.

Doesn't say how long these GC will last.

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This should be an interesting month... Will be following Tomb Raider and Fallout closely.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

UltimateGamer1982 said:
CosmicSex said:
where is the promotions for Tomb Raider? I haven't heard anything from this game for a while now.

That game is a year away I heard. But they are coming out with a beta version in two weeks. 


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Today: MGSV physical for PS4 and XB1 for $39.99

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Shadow1980 said:

Halo is the biggest system-seller MS has, but its effects are unlikely to extent past October given that software almost never boosts sales past the month it was released in. And while Fallout has a lot of fans, it appears that Fallout 3 was not a major system-seller, so Fallout 4 may not have a major effect on sales, either, at least not one that can be determined from hardware sales alone.

Halo released on 27th October so the X1 hardware boost, to what ever degree, might spill over into this month because Halo only released at the end of October. But it's hard to gauge, X1 sale have clearly gone up but that can more than likely be attributed to the pending holiday season.

Do you think Tomb Raider will have any effect on hardware sales, even if it's a small boost?

Consoles performing well as expected.
Wish it could perform like that more often during the year in USA, PS seems to be coming to try it next year, let's see how things go



What's with hiding the price till it's on the cart? They did it first with the NDC bundle and now COD bundle too