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Campaign has more open areas again. But the team AI sucks on legendary to be honest. I missed wow to WTF moments a bit though.

I liked Halo 4's MP but i know why so many Halo fans where pissed. Halo 5's MP is way better IMO. If you want no changes then you probably wont be happy with it.

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I have been a xbox fan since que first one and i have played al de halo games. Knowing all the "bad" reviews and critics about the game, i going to give my sincere opinion about it.

For mi, its que best halo since Halo 1. I belive than, beat halo 1 its hard because the awesome impression that give us when it came out, but, if im going to be honest, this one almost match it. I like the open enviroments, The campaing, its really nice, its written excelente and have very great moments.

Many people have made the point than master chief isnt the main character. Maybe its right, but Locke isnt a bad character, and the history, wouldnt have been possible, without another team. And im sure than in halo 6, MC again will be the main character

The graphics arent the best, but that have been always, halo 3 and 4 didnt have que best graphics on the 360, but what makes the games greats are the desing, and in halo 5 its on pair with all other halos

The multiplayer, well, not much to say here 10/10.

That been said, for me, again, halo 5 its since halo 1. I belive than the "terrible" reviews its more because of a bad campaing against 343 for trying to make the game a little differtent and than in the begining, they make look MC as the bad of the game. It isnt a game under 9/10, and never a 6-7/10 like some reviews.

My personal point of view, its a solid 9.5/10 game, and i like to see many people enyoing the game like i do.

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