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Metal Gear Mafia

( If you are not playing, please do not post in this thread.  Thanks! )

Know Your Fellows:

Person Voting To Lynch Identity

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5  
axumblade - No Vote - Mr.Playstation spurgeonryan - No Vote - - Dead - The Fury - Serial Killer
Blake_Belladonna - No Vote - - Dead - - Dead - - Dead - - Dead - Psycho Mantis - Town Redirector
Clyde32 - No Vote - - No Vote - - Dead - - Dead - - Dead - The End - Town Vigilante
conegamer - No Vote - - No Vote - - Dead - - Dead - - Dead - Grey Fox - Town Desperado
ganondorf7799 - No Vote - - Dead - - Dead - -- Dead -- - Dead - Revolver Ocelot - Town Role Cop
Mike321 - No Vote - Mr.Playstation spurgeonryan -- Dead -- - Dead - Solid Snake - Town Cop
Mr. Playstation - No Vote - Mike321 - Dead - - Dead - - Dead - EVA - Mafia Roleblocker
outlawauron - No Vote - - No Vote - - No Vote - - Dead - - Dead - Hal Emmerich - Town Commuter
Platina - No Vote - - No Vote - - No Vote - XanderXT WIN Naomi Hunter - Mafia Doctor
spurgeonryan - No Vote - - No Vote - spurgeonryan - Dead - - Dead - The Boss - Town Miller
supermario128 spurgeonryan -- Dead -- - Dead - - Dead - -- Dead -- Rosemary - Town Psychiatrist
theprof00 conegamer conegamer spurgeonryan XanderXT WIN The Sorrow - Mafia Watcher
XanderXT & The_Sony_Girl1 - No Vote - - No Vote - - No Vote - - No Vote -  - Dead - Raiden - Town Deputy
zero129 - No Vote - - No Vote - spurgeonryan XanderXT - Dead - Fortune - Town Bodyguard


Know Your Limits:

  • Do not edit your posts ever.
  • Do not talk about the game outside of this thread unless your role allows it (i.e. Mafia).
  • Do not post your role PM or any part of it. If you do you will be mod-killed and that is sad for everyone.
  • Do not talk (post) after night falls.
  • Do not talk after you've been killed, lynched, or otherwise discombobulated.
  • If you do not PM me with your night action within a reasonable time period, I will randomly decide it for you.
  • Don't take the game too seriously, remember it's all just for fun.

Know The Setup:

  • Please bold your votes like this:  I vote Words Of Wisdom.
  • A lynch will happen when a majority of votes are placed upon a single player ( that's 8 for the first day ).
  • The Day phase will last 5 days.  
  • Once the deadline has been reached, the person with the most votes will be lynched.  A tie means a No-Lynch occurs.
  • The Night phase will last 2 days or until all players have sent in their actions.
  • If your role allows action at Night, please PM me your action when Night falls.
  • Good in the series does not mean good in this game.
  • Villain in the series does not mean villain in this game.
  • The Town win condition reads as follows: You win when all threats to the Town are eliminated
Note:  Since XanderXT and The_Sony_Girl1 know each other in real life, it's been decided that it would be safer to have them share a character rather than risk one "leaking" information about the game to the other. So during the course of this game, consider anything Xander says as something Sony Girl said and vice versa.

--- If you have questions, PM me! ---

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War has changed… In fact, it changed so much that former enemies can now be seen hanging out together and what you thought you knew about these players can’t be relied upon anymore. Where war hasn’t changed though is at its core. Some people are still willing to do whatever it takes to get to their goals and should the good men and women fail to rally to make a stand against them, they’ll simply get crushed.



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Anyone awake? Anyone?

Still awake! (for now)


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I'll be up for like half and hour


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Thought I would check before bed to see if this started yet. Very excited to play again. Glad I rolled town this time around. Makes it easier when you can just tell the truth. :)

And with that I say goodnight to you all.

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Though I do need to sleep soon. I need to hurry and read the OP. Also have some homework tomorrow, so once I finish that I'll be active here.

Interesting time to start the game Trucks. But I'm checking in!


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I forgot to include this link ( ) for people who would like to read up on their roles.

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