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They are obviously working on Agent.

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New Red Dead Redemption.

Rockstar Toronto are probably bulking up for making "Agent". If you read between the lines, Sony paid to have the game made exclusively for PS3, the trademark was renewed late last year. There was an easter egg on the Aston Martin-like car in GTAV saying Agent.

R* Toronto are hiring for roles for openworld, destructive environments, car culture and street style and most importantly A-symmetrical stealth gameplay.

R* North also said that they are Not making story DLC for GTAV and R* were demo-ing something behind closed doors at Gamescon.

oldschoolfool said:

rockstar is my favorite videogame developer of all time. they pretty much have milked gta v for all it's worth. so,let's move on to what's next. So,guess what they are working on next? would could it be? I personally hope it's a bully sequel/red dead redemption sequel. either of those games would make my live complete. lol I doubt it's going to be another GTA. I love GTA,but they need to give those games a rest already. So,let the guessing begin.

They need to give GTA a rest//it's being milked? Wasn't it like 6 years between GTA4 and GTA5...with Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire in between? I wouldn't exactly call that milking GTA lol. If they were annual games or even every other year I'd call it milked...but 3+ years between games is pretty well spread out, let alone 6 years. 

That said, I would love to see Agent come to fruition, or the next Red Dead....or a New IP or whatever before GTA6. 

Red Dead please.

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I hope it's not another Red Dead Redemption. I'm playing it now and I haven't run across a game this boring since LA Noire and the mechanics are atrocious.

They could revive Bully and make a sequel to that. I am sure many would enjoy it.

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