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Forums - Sales Discussion - September NPD 2015 predictions thread

PS4 - 400K
XBO - 290K
Wii U - 60K

3DS - 100K

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PS4: 410k
XBO: 300k
Wii U: 70k

Hope I'm not to late.

[PS4] 330,000
[XB1] 250,000
[WIU] 80,000

Edit: Forgot it was TTK and MGS5 month so going to change predciction.

[PS4] 380,000
[XB1] 275,000
[WIU] 80,000

Looks like PS4 won

PS4 325K

XB1 250K

3DS 125K


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I was off on the numbers but predicted the gap pretty well.

Shadow1980 said:
PS4: 375k
XBO: 275k
3DS: 125k
Wii U: 80k

Actuals w/ % difference from prediction:

PS4: 340k (+10.3%)
XBO: 281k (-2.1%)
3DS: 129k (-3.1%)
Wii U: 85k (-5.9%)

Not bad. Much better than my typical predictions. Almost spot-on for the XBO, 3DS, and Wii U, though I overestimated the effect of TTK on PS4 sales.


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