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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Vita 2016 lineup looking pretty solid

Slade6alpha said:

Fire Emblem Fates (buying this much later as I'm still annoyed at the milking) 
Mario and Luigi (still salty af about no real Paper Mario, but I'm still going to buy it)
Bravely Second

Pokemon Z.... Day One

Edit: I feel like someone's going to be funny and make a "PS Vita 2016 lineup looking pretty solid," thread, but they gonna be a dick and not include anything.... 
Just have that feeling xD 

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I guess I have a different opinion on what "solid" means...nothing for my taste on that list.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth , World of Final Fantasy, Rainbow Skies, Mighty No. 9.

^ all look worth getting to be honest.

OP if you were any more original you would be announced at the next Apple conference

#1 Amb-ass-ador

StarOcean said:
Instead of locking the thread for lacking any content I added upcoming PS Vita games to your OP, you're welcome!

You forgot:



Red Goddess: Inner World (not yet out on vita I think):

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Where's Tokyo Xanadu bro!?

ednice said:
Where's Tokyo Xanadu bro!?

To be fair it released in 2015 in JP....


a action rpg with elements much like persona series.... hmmm.

The video looks good, would be one to consider picking up as well.

noname2200 said:

Hilarious. Who are they? The Nationals?

You forgot Saga Scarlet Grace. ;)

Metallox said:
noname2200 said:

Hilarious. Who are they? The Nationals?