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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - So, seems a milestone just passed unnoticed

Hyrule Warriors just hit 1m according to Vgchartz! I know this milestone was already confirmed by Tecmo, but according to Vgchartz data it hit 1m just recently.

Congrats Hyrule Warriors, it was certainly deserved as it's one of the best Wii U games out there!

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Congrats for Hyrule Warriors. I'm still looking at the race of "Lego City Undercover VS Pikmin 3", though. It's soooo close, the gap barely changes anymore.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Wooo, the more people playing Musou games the better!

Looks like the Wii U's building up it's 1m club :D

I remember when people laughed at the notion that this would reach 1m.

Good to see!

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Wait when did new vgchartz numbers arrive?

I love this game! All the fan-service makes it incredible!

Nice! It was a fun game so it's deserved

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Congrats Hyrule Warriors, I'm having my dose with pirate warriors... it sucks that there is so much grinding for coins.

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