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Forums - Website Topics - Well, gonna reintroduce myself

Hey all, I'm ~Zero, and I'm actually not really new here. Probably no one recognises me anymore because I've stayed a long long time away from this site. But hey I'm back now ^^

For those who don't know me, I'm a brazilian guy who is mainly into Nintendo games, but I do play a lot on Playstation and PC systems as well. I have currently all Nintendo platforms except for the N64 and the GB/GBC, and have all the PS platforms except for the PS4/Vita (although am planning on getting a PS4 pretty soon). I'm a huuuge fan of Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and do love a lot of other games as well like Dragon Quest, Metal Gear, Resident Evil, Mario, among a lot of other games.

Oh, and I'm also part of a developer team for an indie game! I'm a level designer on the team, for this game we are planning to release through kickstarter on 2016. Can't reveal too much right now, but will certainly keep you guys updated on the game whenever I can!

Outside of gaming, I love, love drawing. I'm not really a professional artist by any means, but do draw a lot as my hobbie outside gaming. Anime wise, I love Steins Gate, Soul Eater, Ao no Exorcist, and am planning to watch more. Am open to any recomendations from you guys.

But yeah, that's me basically. Hopefully I can stay active this time, because this community surely looks like a nice one ^^

My current Wii U game list:

My current 3DS game list:


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Username is Zero and your from Brazil?


Just Kidding

Anyways, welcome!

iceland said:

Username is Zero and your from Brazil?


Just Kidding

Anyways, welcome!

Haha, that was my first reaction as well - and he's into Nintendo games as well as Zero999.

Anyway, I doubt he knows what we're talking about, so welcome Zero.

+1 for Steins;Gate. I'm from Brazil too, welcome back! Should definitely watch FMA Brotherhood if you haven't seen it already.

So what genre is your kickstarter game?

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I've mixed feeling about this thread, lol.

If you are not THAT Zero, than welcome, fellow brazilian!

What an unfortunate name.

For, uh, research, what are your favorite games?



I'm from Brazil too.

Welcome to the site!

I have a Youtube channel... A Twitter, and... Yeah.

So many Brazilians here. Welcome back, conterrâneo.

There seem to be quite a few Brazilians here. Welcome!