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So how long before Konami wants to have some make up sex?

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AlfredoTurkey said:
So how long before Konami wants to have some make up sex?

Someone will steal him away before konami gets that far.

I can't wait !

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Of course this game is amazing. Were there ever any doubts? Why would anyone even doubt about Hideo Kojima?


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Gamespot gave it a 10? What happened? Did they fire that Kevin VanOrd guy as well?

wow. i cant believe the amount of 90's+ games we are getting this year.

I didn't like micromanagement in Peace Walker but hopefully it feels more fluid here (as reviews seem to suggest). They didn't really explain it well and I wasn't sure what was happening with all these soldiers I was airlifting. The IGN review said 30-60 hours and the way he described it it seemed like it wasn't annoying but rather played well into the action which is good.

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PwerlvlAmy said:
It's gotta score high,its kojimas last MGS game. They won't let him go out on a bad note. Just gotta wait for my collectors to ship now :O

I bet Shinji Mikami is extremely pissed right now with how bad The Evil Within scored despite being his last game as a director.

Awesome! Got the Day1 edition on pre-order. I can't believe how many great games there have been this year.