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This thread is a tribute to a great man.

Rip Iwata

My favorite Nintendo game is Pikmin 2.


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Aw geez...

I can't decide between Super Smash Bros. Melee and EarthBound.

Smash Bros Franchise

God when the next Nintendo Direct comes along, it will be QQ all day


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OfficerRaichu15 said:

My favorite Nintendo game is Pikmin 2.


Kirby's Epic Yarn

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Super Mario 3D World, which is also my favorite game period.

Let's have a champion time!

Favorite Nintendo franchise
Fire Emblem
Golden Sun (if they made these games normally)

Favorite Nintendo game
This is way too difficult....

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Zelda: Wind Waker

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Metroid Prime

Sorry I can´t choose just one, is difficult enough to choose 3 :P

Developed by Nintendo: Super Mario 64

Published by Nintendo: Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal

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