Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Devilīs Third is so bad that is good


Love it 26 22.81%
Is kind of fun... I guess 23 20.18%
Is a Masterpiece 14 12.28%
Terrible, not even funny 34 29.82%
Itagaki is great (HA!) 6 5.26%
Devilīs Turd (said no one ever) 11 9.65%

i dont think it will get to troll 2s level of badness.
it will be more like duke nukem i guess. a mediocre game for people with humor.

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Some people find that, but I tend not to like games that are bad.. Especially since this is a FPS, I most likely will not be getting this game

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I think my favorite part of that whole video was towards the end where they were in an airport, and there were cars that had graphics straight out of 1996.

I mean, realistically, it doesn't look that bad. It just looks like a fairly incompetent third person military shooter. This isn't Sonic Boom quality.

Wonder what happened during the development of this game. It looks really rough, glitchey and unfinished. But it still looks like it could have been something

Seems like some English lads doing cheeky banter. Quite appalled the developer paid tribute to Iwata now.

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spurgeonryan said:
I will buy it day one at full price.

that's the spirit. ;)

generic-user-1 said:
i dont think it will get to troll 2s level of badness.
it will be more like duke nukem i guess. a mediocre game for people with humor.

You bring up a good point. It seems a lot like a duke nukem type of game which I loved. So i am still excited about this game.

So this game is Nintendo's idea what the self declared 'core gamer' want.

They read the online rants of Nintendo haters and trolls, whining about about how Nintendo is for kids and doesn't do COD, then mixed together all these peoples idiotic opinions to build the game that the Nintendo haters wanted.

And for those people this will be the only decent game Nintendo's ever published.

I think you're being rather optimistic. If you wanna play the game then fine, you might even enjoy it. But you can't say that a game with such flaws is "so bad it's good", because it isn't. Or, there's been no evidence of that thus far anyway.

Let's wait for reviews, though I'd be surprised if there's anything there.


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Ka-pi96 said:
It's possible I guess. Although movies that usually achieve cult status are actually pretty good, just neglected by the mainstream. Doesn't seem like this game will really fulfill that criteria.

Oh, really? What about...

Or maybe...