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i like Iwata, and sad when the news came about his dead, but rainbow??? i believe in religion, and i believe in science, so this is just a regular phenomena that exist in Japan, hey even in some area in Japan rainbow can be seen every where .

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Some people in this thread are a disgrace /:(


A nifty coincidence, definitely.

I'm not one for superstition but its nice regardless

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Yeah, I read about it. Pretty cool.

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BasilZero said:

Leave it to VGChartz to turn a thread that is suppose to honor/represent someone who passed away recently in one way or another especially in the form of certain people's faiths or personal beliefs to some anti-religion war debacle ~__~.

Maybe it would be more metaphorically fitting and agreeable to this community to say that he's completed this level, and he's on to the next. :)

Awesome that a rainbow should appear like that. Coincidences can be magical, sometimes.

Iwata-san drove to the heavens by way of the Rainbow Road. =)

May you race to Heavens over the Rainbow Road of eternity.

A little comfortable after the sad news. At least make some of us smile.

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vkaraujo said:
What i don't get about the "better place" idea is this:

What could be better for a gamer than being Nintendo CEO? God can't beat that.
Hope Iwata is in a really good place though.

A land without "bro-gamers" and zealot playstation fanboys, I'd imagine.

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