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Captain_Yuri said:
Thats Iwata saying everything will be alright

The greatest moment ever. Everyone here is sad but Iwata said "Don't worry about me guys, I'm going to a better place now."

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Iwata went "directly" a better place and the rainbow I feel like is a final message to show it.

Rest in Peace Iwata and you will always be remembered. 

Someone in the Kotaku comments said something to the effect that Iwata is on rainbow road to another plaine of existence now. I thought that was very on point. Either way it's a beautiful coincidence.

Faust said:
Not a double rainbow. Not interested

As you can see the clouds are a little darker above the primary rainbow. This is called Alexanders band ( ). This dark field ends in the secondary rainbow. This is however often very faint as in this case.

Man, I can't take this anymore. This is too beautiful.

Iwata <3

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Iwata is sending one last greeting "directly" to us.

Iwata was the main man.


LurkerJ said:
Xxain said:
Moments like this make concepts of higher forces all the more convincing

Yeah. If you mean higher forces that can't prevent cancer and allow it to happen.


It's a fucking rainbow...

Can we NOT do this right now.  We're all aware of our own beliefs and everybody elses as soon as they make a statement of some sort, but that doesn't really matter right now.  One way or another, drop it.


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Is there even the slightest possibility that could be photoshoped or fake? I just find it weird how there is only this one photo surfing around where chances are a lot of people would have visited nintendo hq today throughout the day?

It's beautiful.... RIP Mr. Iwata.