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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo of America has dropped Plans For US Release of Devil's Third

Kresnik said:
That's not the argument I was making.  NoA are releasing games developed by NoJ; SCEJ aren't developing for Vita so SCEA have nothing to release.  Neither are releasing titles for their systems that are developed in their own territories (actually, Vita kinda has one up on Wii U since Resident Evil Reveltaions 2 was a SCEA initiative).

I suppose the situations are largely different because SCEA have a number of development studios while NoA have Retro (but don't they often work in partnership with developers like Monster Games & Next Level Games who haven't touched the Wii U yet?)

Saying all this, I feel we may be swinging things wayyy off topic based on a largely throwaway comment by me :P

I get what you're saying now, sorry for misunderstanding. 

And yes, we are very off topic.

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Kresnik said:

Rofl.  That's hilariously awful.

That aside, I'm sure quality isn't the reason.  Wonder what the real reason is.

On paper, Devil's Third has very promising concepts. I see it basically as the spiritual successor to Ninja Gaiden, except with gunplay added in. Even if it isn't the best-looking game of 2015, from what I've seen it graphically looks better than Ninja Gaiden 2 (the last game Itagaki made).

NOA must be puzzled on how to really market a game like this. I for one always thought they should have embraced the cheesy, grindhouse Jean Claude Van Damme nature the title seems to have. A sort of Duke Nukem type of thing. I think that went over their heads a long time ago.

Not to sound harsh, but I'd imagine perhaps someone at NOA would have rather found a western dev to launch a new mature online shooter/hack-n-slash. 

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I got to behonest the gameplay and graphic look like ashy.

I remember when it was announced for PS3/360. I was somehow interested back then.

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:

Nintendo of America is pulling a reverse PS3 with the Wii U/3DS as of late. Burning down consumer confidence left and right and such. For me at least, the Wii U is my last Nintendo home console until NoA gets it shit together Of course, I was never interested in this game in particular but it was shown to come out in NA years prior, right? At least from what I recall anyway. Stuff like this makes me wonder how the NX will fare.

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I´m sad because it looks like the game is gonna be pretty bad.

I understand why they don´t want to publish a game that is gonna bomb so hard, I mean, even with a 90 on Meta it will flop, but with a 60 or so?? epic fail and bad image for Nintendo.

But even if I can understand it, this game was showed on a previous E3 so it should be released in one way or another.

Had no interest in this and I'm not really surprised... When they showed it a year ago it looked rather terrible, even if it was indeed a year from release.

Feel bad for those people that were looking forward to it, though.

What about Europe ? WiiU is région free no ?

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I really don't blame them. The game looks awful. You could see right away why it had to be pulled off the chopping block in the first place.

Let someone else publish it.

That sucks, im eu so im fine. Game looks lame anyway so i wont be getting it