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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo of America has dropped Plans For US Release of Devil's Third

Oh well looks like this got debunked.

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GameMasterPC said:
DolPhanTendo said:
Fake as hell! NofA is saying exactly, to the tee, what NINTENDO haters said about this game. Yeah sure!

Looking at how hush they are and how little Nintendo has shown us about this game as well as the developers themselves its probably all true.

Nintendo is always hush on everything and thanks to Twitter, this article is fake like I said it was. See original post

LuckyTrouble said:
I honestly don't much trust that tweet. Either NoA saw the disappointment and has decided to hold onto the IP in NA, or Siliconera which has been trustworthy for a good long while was fed inaccurate information from what is usually a very trustworthy source (as they reached out for verification, they didn't simply trust the Unseen64 report). As it stands, none of NoA's actions reflect the content of that tweet. They haven't gotten the game rated by the ESRB, they pulled it from the future releases section of the Wii U eshop, they didn't show the game at E3 in any way, shape, or form, they haven't given the game a release date, and now they choose to say "oh, uh, yeah, it's still on the way, totally".

Be less contradictory NoA.

Siliconera also said that MK8 and Bayonetta 2 would be 1080p :|

pokoko said:

I've been saying for awhile now that if Nintendo begins developing or publishing "mature content" games then they need a wholly-owned subsidiary that can operate as an alternative publishing wing.  That would keep the name "Nintendo" clean while allowing them to publish whatever they wanted.  Kind of like how Disney wouldn't publish adult content but they owned Miramax, which did publish adult content.  The Nintendo brand itself could remain "family friendly" and they could still bring any stray Devil's Third type games over.

Exactly.  Tons of movie studios do this.  There is no reason video game publishers couldn't do the same.

Or NOA could just realize that one game is not going to wreck whatever image they are trying to cultivate.

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Nuvendil said:
Well we'll know in six days if the quality reasoning and this video are true. If the game is in as poor a condition as this video suggests, it should wind up critically panned and poorly received by users.

Funny thing is this thread already shows that Nintendo is in a no win situation if the quality problems are true. If they do publish this and it's garbage, Nintendo will catch flack for pushing a garbage game. If they don't publish it, they catch flack for holding back a game. Me? If it's garbage it shouldn't be published *anywhere*. When your library is small, quality ratio is all you got.

Finally someone making sense.

Check the link below. (note to Admins: it's not really porn please don't ban me!)


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So, looks like this ends up being true what he said. All his issues previewers told him about were truely reported on the 15th. Sites now say that NoA changed there mind amid the backlash.


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