Forums - Sales Discussion - Wii U or Vita, which has been more successful/profitable?

Wii U or Vita

Vita has 2 million more sales 63 27.04%
Wii U has 2 games enterin... 137 58.80%
see results 31 13.30%
other, post below 2 0.86%

In the long run, Wii U is better off because the Vita lost some precious reputation while Nintendo is already done with home console-only development.

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Vita was very expensive to start and even now has fairly expensive tech in it, the Wii U has been profitable with one game sale from the start.

Gotta figure out how to set these up lol.

Probably the Wii U with all the software sales

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Wii U by a country mile.

Wasntthe Wii U been profitable over the las fiscal year?

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gcube2000 said:
daredevil.shark said:
None are profitable. Last year Sony "wrote off" PS Vita and PS Vita TV from its earnings. Wii U is also in same boat.

actually no Wii U is in fact profitable

source, please? If you're gonna use the word "fact" might as well provide a link or something.


As a happy psvita owner with zero interest in wiiu, I still believe that the wiiu lost less money. I don't think either has been profitable and they both hurt their brands (ninty homeconsoles and Sony handhelds), but Wiiu has been less of a failure due to first party games selling well.

Nintendo stated the Wii U was a loss making console from the start, with all the price cuts since the beginning, it must be a serious money bleeder.

Nintendo with first party software.


The Vita 100%

From a gamer's perspective the Vita did better in Japan than the Wii U but the Wii U is doing better in NA than the Vita and this situation imo favours the vita a lot.

The vita is still supported by Japanese developers, I would say the Vita is in a much better position when it comes to games even though the Wii U is doing better in NA that did not make Western publishers consider the Wii U as a viable option and chose the PS4/XB1 instead.

The Wii U might end up outselling the vita (or maybe not ) but in the end the Vita will outlive the Wii U thanks to Japan and all the games they are bringing over.


Edit: successful in terms of games

Wii U and not for the reasons mentioned on the poll. Wii U has been profitable since last year and now one of the many reasons they have been making profits for a while now. From what I know, the Vita isn't profitable and even if it is, sales are not strong enough to change losses into profit. Probably why Sony's focusing so much more on the PS4 because it's making them huge profits in their gaming division, just a shame their other divisions aren't which is why they are still making losses.