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The genre i dislike the most is definitely the MMORPG-genre. There's just something about those games that i don't like. Aside from that... there are probably a lot of games in nearly every genre i play, so i like most of them, i guess : )

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same here, i dont like sports, unless its like punch out

Any simulator related genre.

A handheld gamer only (for now).

Simulation games

God a whole pile of them.

MMO's, MOBA's, Simulation Racers and Sports obviously. The list is as long as the one with genres I do like. Simulation games like business management games or city builders are hit and miss, some are terrible while others rank among my favorite games of all time. It's similar with Fighting games and Hack-and-Slashes, though less so with the latter. I'm not a big fan of jRPG's either.

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2d platformer. Cant enjoy them as I used to.

Sports and RPGs/JRPGs interest me the least, but I can still see why people like them.

moba, mmos, mobile, sports

Before I offer my opinion I find most of these posts to be favoring the "gamer stereotype" for not liking sports games. It's funny lol.

Anyway. I love sports. And sports game.

My least favorite genre is definitely strategy games. Like. Wtf. Too much brain power needed. Usually top down which for some reason bugs me.

Am honorable mention to fighting games. I love playing them local multiplayer only. But that rarely happens as I don't play games with my friends much anymore. So because I play solo they are mad boring.

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Sports games. I love playing sports irl, but I hate playing sport video games. Simulators are pretty bad too. Anyone saying MOBAs can't have played a good MOBA. You should try Smite.