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The order, knack and rise comes to mind

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Pay 2 win and spin-offs ...

All EA games, all Mario sports games, all DLC, Street Fighter.

All remasters, though remakes are usually okay, because if they come out so long after the original version came out, then they have to use completely new assets. I will admit, though, that Gamecube remasters for the Wii U and PS3 remasters for the PS4 are more understandable than Xbox 360 remasters for the Xbox One, but that's only because of the feasibility of backwards compatibility for those respective platforms.

F2P mobile games. Some F2P games for PC and console are all right, like TF2, but almost all the major mobile F2P are just awful and clearly designed to addict in the same way casinos are.

Amiibo Crossing is pretty vile.

I might include Mario Maker, but this is entirely dependent on the quality of the pre-made levels when we see the full product. If the vast majority of them look like they were made in five minutes, I will consider it a cash grab. If a lot of them seem to have been created with a sincere effort, I won't consider it one. My thoughts on this will also ultimately depend on the game's price point.

Annual franchises that re-use the same assets are cash grabs.

Tearaway Unfolded might be a cash grab, but that is mostly dependent on its price point, how much new material is in the game, and how much Sony advertises it as a new game.

All of 'em, a reality of which I have no qualms.

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Destiny for sure. And maybe TLOUR because it came out just a year later. I mean, I know it sold well and it was meant for 360 owners who never played it before, but I would've preferred if they waited at least till 2016 to release a remastered version.


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the annual sports games from EA. minor features and roster updates. why it can't be just a roster bump and have it every two-three years. :)

annualized games with day 1 patches... no/less quality audits are done since it is released annually.

those DLCs that should have been part of the game. If they really wanted those to be part of the game then try not to set it only at $60 and increase your minimum baseline. i know it won't sell that much but come on, add it for the fans (which they would say business is business).

'free to play/start' games which you really need to buy those $0.99, 4.99, etc...

Those WWE Games.

MMOs are money grabs and time sinks.


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All skylanders?